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BASF acquisition of Advanc3D and Setup Performance deepens 3D printing materials strength

BASF, a multinational chemical company, has acquired two material companies, Advanc3D Materials and Setup Performance. Advanc3D Materials GmbH was founded 2015 and headquartered in Hamburg Germany. Setup Performance is a French company with production facilities in Lyon. BASF 3D Printing Solutions strengths material portfolio The deal price is undisclosed and was conducted by BASF New […]

3D Printing News Sliced Ford, PyroGenesis, Collplant, MIT, Royal DSM

Today, in our Sliced roundup of all the latest 3D printing industry news, we take a look inside some 3D printed houses, uncover progress on the coveted field of organ 3D bioprinting, and collect the latest materials and hardware releases to keep you, the most well informed readers in the industry, up to date. News […]

3D Printing news Sliced, Ripple, Verizon, HP and Hyundai

Today’s Sliced asks the following questions: What is Verizon doing to bring 3D printing to education? How can 3D printing help detect diseases? And what does the cryptocurrency have to do with 3D printing crowdfunding? Ripple funds 200 3Doodler projects Ripple, the company behind the cryptocurrency of the same name, recently donated a total of […]

Further details on €1.6 billion BASF Solvay deal, new 3D printing division to benefit

BASF, the largest chemical producer in the world, will acquire Solvay’s global polyamide business. The deal is valued at €1.6 billion with the transaction scheduled to complete in the third quarter of 2018. 3D Printing Industry asked Werner Bach, Management Support Business Build Up & Communication 3D Printing, a few questions about the deal. “When […]

Sliced 3D Printing Digest: Concept Laser, Boeing, Bournemouth University, Feetz, Stratasys and Bell Helicopter

In this week’s Sliced digest we feature 3D printing news from Burloak Technologies, GoEngineer, Concept Laser, Boeing, Feetz, Stratasys, Bell Helicopter, and an IP event hosted …

Ricoh arbeitet mit Solvay an PA6 Pulver für AM S5500P SLS-Drucker

Das japanische Unternehmen Ricoh hat sich mit Solvay Performance Polyamides, einem globalen Hersteller von Polyamid-basierten Kunststoffen, zusammen geschlossen um dessen PA6 Pulver für seinen SLS-Drucker zur Verfügung zu stellen.  Anwender des AM S5500P SLS-Drucker von Ricoh werden zukünftig das vom Chemieunternehmen Solvay entwickelte Sinterline Technyl PA6 GB (Glass Beads) Pulver einsetzen und somit funktionelle Prototypen und Endteile aus […]

Der Beitrag erschien bei unter der URL Ricoh arbeitet mit Solvay an PA6 Pulver für AM S5500P SLS-Drucker


Arevo Labs is 3D Printing High-Strength Carbon Composites

(DesignNews) Silicon Valley’s Arevo Labs has come out of stealth mode to unveil technology for making high-strength 3D-printed carbon composite end-products using matrix materials, such as ULTEM. Also being used in the composites are Solvay’s KetaSpire PEEK, AvaSpire PAEK, PrimoSpire self-reinforced polyphenylene and Radel polyphenylsulfone (PPSU) resins. The 3D printing startup’s technology is not a printer. It consists of materials and software that can be used with several commercially available fused filament 3D printers in the process of being modified. The technology is aimed at aerospace, defense and medical OEMs.

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