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3D-Printed Voxel Cane to Aid Those With Low Vision

(3DPrintingIndustry) Voxel is a unique 3D-printed device developed to aid the visually impaired. It is not related to voxeljet 3D printing. The cane works through a link to an iPhone app. A specific location is typed into the app and a series of directions to that location are generated. The handle of the cane is embedded with a vibration device so that as a visually impaired person makes his or her way to the desired location, the cane vibrates to indicate an upcoming turn, and the app speaks aloud the direction the person needs to take. In addition to the vibrating handle, the base of the cane contains LED lights, which change color as the cane approaches an obstacle, moving from white to green to blue to red, depending on the cane’s distance from an object.

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