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Tractus3D’s new T850P PEEK 3D printer technical specifications and pricing

Tractus3D, a Dutch manufacturer of 3D printers, has released the T850P its latest FFF system for high-performance materials. With a controllable heated chamber of up to 65°C, this 3D printer is capable of processing advanced plastics such as carbon PEEK and PEI. “[PEEK] has properties that correspond to metals in terms of strength and heat and […]

Microlight3D launches Altraspin sub-micron 3D printer

French ultra high resolution 3D printer manufacturer Microlight3D has launched a new machine. The Altraspin™ is a 3D printer capable of producing a resolution as low as 0.2µm – up to 100 times smaller than the width of a human hair. Valuable to the field of micro robotics, bioengineering, and micro sensors, the machine has been […]

Dremel DigiLab debuts 3D40 FLEX 3D printer – Technical Specifications and Pricing

Dremel DigiLab, the educational division of U.S. tool manufacturer Dremel, has launched its new Dremel DigiLab 3D40 FLEX 3D printer. Designed for the classroom, this desktop machine features a flexible build plate for the easy removal of parts. “As we continue to learn about digital fabrication, it’s important to introduce new innovations to better suit […]

Prodways Group announces first DLP 3D printer from Solidscape

Prodways Group, a French 3D printer producer and service provider, has announced a new Digital Light Processing (DLP) 3D printer through its company Solidscape. Based in New Hampshire, Solidscape designs and manufactures 3D printers and materials for rapid prototyping and creating master molds. The new resin production 3D printer, SoldiscapeDL, is the first system within […]

Inside the X1 25PRO mid-scale additive manufacturing platform from ExOne

The X1 25PRO™ is the latest metal binder jetting additive manufacturing system from Pennsylvania-headquartered industrial 3D printing systems and services provider ExOne (NASDAQ:XONE). With the fine, metal injection molding (MIM) powder-handling capabilities of the company’s INNOVENT+™ research 3D printer and larger, mid-scale 3D printed production, this machine is leading the charge for ExOne among burgeoning […]