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Solukon and Siemens launch system for post-processing metal 3D prints

Solukon Maschinenbau GmbH, an additive post-processing specialist, has partnered with award winning German conglomerate Siemens to launch the SFM-AT800S. The SFM-AT800S system is specifically designed for depowdering 3D printed parts made with powder bed fusion technology.   Dr. Christoph Kiener, a Siemens Chief Sceintist, explained: “Powder-free, high-quality AM parts, occupational health and safety, as well […]

Fraunhofer’s TwoCure technology realized in industry-ready 3D printer

TwoCure, an innovative SLA-based 3D printing method created at the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT in Germany, has been developed into a prototype additive manufacturing system. First presented by the institute and its partner German prototyping specialist Rapid Shape GmbH, TwoCure technology seeks to eliminate challenges associated with post processing. Support-free 3D printing  Like […]

3DGence launches the DOUBLE P255 – technical specifications and pricing

Polish 3D printer manufacturer 3DGence has launched a new FFF 3D printer, the 3DGence DOUBLE P255. An upgrade of the 3DGence DOUBLE reviewed by 3D Printing Industry in July this year, the DOUBLE P255 builds on an already reliable system with new features and certification for enhanced performance and quality assurance. Filip Turzyński, Quality Development Manager […]

miniFactory Ultra, technical specifications and pricing

miniFactory, a Finnish 3D printer manufacturer, has released the miniFactory Ultra 3D printer for high-temperature materials, such as PEEK and PEKK. Olli Pihlajamäki, Sales and Marketing Director, explained that high-strength polymers can become warped during printing when build chamber temperature is not controlled.   “PEEK, PEKK and other semi-crystalline polymers require a really sensitive printing process for […]

PADT granted U.S patent for Support Cleaning Apparatus

Arizona-based engineering and 3D printing service provider, Phoenix Analysis and Design Technologies (PADT), has announced a U.S patent for its Support Cleaning Apparatus (SCA) system. Rey Chu, the co-founder of PADT, said, “we used computational fluid dynamics simulation, our extensive product development skills, and knowledge from over two decades of 3D Printing experience to design […]