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XJet officially launches NanoParticle Jetting additive manufacturing systems

XJet, a provider of ceramic and metal 3D printing solutions based in Rehovot, Israel, has officially launched its “breakthrough” Carmel 1400 and the Carmel 700 Additive Manufacturing (AM) systems. Both systems are powered by XJet’s trademark NanoParticle Jetting (NPJ) technology, and coincide with the delivery of the firm’s first ever machine to an off-site customer. Hanan […]

McGill University scales bio-inspired armor gloves with 3D printing

Fishing for new materials suitable for creating impenetrable body armor, François Barthelat and his research group at McGill University have encountered the alligator gar – a bony fish that has changed little in the past 100 million years. Breaking through the scales of a gar fish’s skin typically takes the power of a hacksaw. With […]

Interview with Chris Korda: 3D printing pottery, open-source software and activism

Chris Korda is an activist, techno musician and software developer. She is credited with developing programs for the world’s first color 3D printer in 2004 during her term at Z Corporation, which was bought by 3D Systems in January 2012. In her latest project, PotterDraw, Korda has released a program for designing complex and colorful vases. Created to encourage creativity […]

European Commission backs 3D printed clean energy project Cell3Ditor

The Cell3Ditor project is developing a hybrid inkjet/SLA ceramic 3D printer for the mass production of low emission Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs). As an alternative to carbon-based energy generation, the project has been backed by the European Commission within the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU). Over the next three and half years the commission will support Cell3Ditor […]