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3D Printing Jobs and Career Moves Update, FATHOM, nScrypt, HP, BIOLIFE4D and Apollo Robotics

Searching for 3D printing jobs, or looking for experts in 3D printing? 3D Printing Industry’s 3D Printing Job Board provides job seekers with the latest job postings in additive manufacturing. Businesses can also post positions where 3D modeling, mechanical design, software development, and sales specialists are in demand. The following details the latest 3D printing […]

Getting teachers talking about 3D printing, a BETT 2019 report

According to STEM Learning, a UK provider of STEM careers support, STEM roles are expected to double in next 10 years. Yet, the organization predicts there will be a shortfall of 173,000 skilled workers, with 89% of STEM businesses struggling to recruit. To combat this, UK education systems are incorporating more STEM teaching into their curriculum, […]

3D Printing Industry review of the year October 2018

For the 3D printing industry, October 2018 was a month of progress and milestones. This month brought an extinct species back to life, and Apple’s 3D printer closer to birth. Flying higher with 3D printing October was a big month for GE Additive. The company announced a landmark event in the history of aviation and […]

3D Printing Industry Review of the Year January 2018

And it’s a Happy New Year! In January 2018 the 3D printing industry got off to a flying start. To learn more about what to expect from the next 12 months, we gathered the insights of over 30 additive manufacturing experts, including insights from CES 2018, and a look back to the patents granted in […]

3D-gedruckter Kopf trickst Smartphone-Sperre aus

face id 3d drucker 300x190 - 3D-gedruckter Kopf trickst Smartphone-Sperre aus

Immer mehr Smartphones setzen bei der Passwortabfrage auf Gesichtsscanner. Das Magazin Forbes hat versucht diese Sicherheitsbarriere mit einem 3D-gedruckten Kopf zu umgehen. Der Journalist ließ eine Kopie seines Kopfs bei einem 3D-Druck-Dienstleisters um 300 Pfund herstellen. Mit diesem Modell versuchte er fünf Smartphones zu entsperren. Neben einem Apple iPhone X testete er ein LG G7 [...]

Der Beitrag 3D-gedruckter Kopf trickst Smartphone-Sperre aus erschien zuerst auf – The Independent AM Magazine.

Apple wurde Patent für schnellen 3D-Drucker gewährt

apple 3d druck patent 300x170 - Apple wurde Patent für schnellen 3D-Drucker gewährt

Am 23. Oktober wurde dem IT-Konzern Apple ein Patent für 3D-Drucker gewährt. Der iPhone-Hersteller hat das entsprechende Patent schon 2014 eingereicht. Das Patent wurde von Michael R. Sweet eingereicht, welcher der leitende Printing System Engineer bei Apple Kanada ist. Es beschreibt ein System, welches 3D-Drucke beschleunigen und die Druckzeit reduzieren soll. In der Zusammenfassung steht: [...]

Der Beitrag Apple wurde Patent für schnellen 3D-Drucker gewährt erschien zuerst auf – The Independent AM Magazine.

Apple granted patent for faster 3D printers

Global consumer electronics company Apple Inc. has been granted a patent for what the company hopes will allow the development of faster 3D printers. Giving the .stl backronym “Standard Triangle Language” a whole new meaning, the patent experiments with an alternate deposition technique called “triangular tesellation.” Could this be the last piece in the puzzle that […]

Type A Machines closes down, a future for modular 3D printing?

Competition in the 3D printing industry is intensifying. At the industrial end of the market consolidation and takeovers are evident, while at the desktop 3D printing level enterprises are under pressure from an increase in the number of manufacturers. California-based Type A Machines has become a casualty of this competition, and the well liked company […]

Apple 3D printer patent granted, full color 3D printing system

An Apple 3D printer in 2018? Apple has been granted a US patent for a full-color 3D printing system. The successful application for a “method and apparatus for three-dimensional printing of colored objects” was one of 44 US patents granted to the technology company on 16 January. In 2015, 3D Printing Industry reported that Apple had […]

iPhone X Face ID security software apparently tricked by 3D printed mask

When the iPhone X was announced in September 2017, Apple showed off its Face ID feature that relies on facial recognition to unlock the screen. At the time, Apple’s senior VP of worldwide marketing, Phil Schiller, stated that “professional mask makers and makeup artists in Hollywood” had helped to “train the neural networks” of Face ID, […]