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Voestalpine to expand additive manufacturing operations in Asia

Voestalpine has announced plans to expand its additive manufacturing operations further in the Asian market. Founded in 1938, Voestalpine specializes in steel technologies and is active in the automotive, aerospace, oil & gas and marine sector. With 500 group companies and operations in fifty countries, Voestalpine is one of the largest steel-based technology firms in Europe. Additive […]

Christian Thönes, Chairman of the Board at DMG MORI, talks 3D printing at Porsche

German performance sportscar manufacturer Porsche has been investigating the potential of additive manufacturing in automotive for some time. In its close relationship with the Volkswagen Group, Porsche has introduced metal 3D printing for component cooling. And, in 2018, the company greenlighted a classic car spare part replacement project using SLM/SLS for metal and plastic parts. Though […]