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3D printed drone: “How 3D printing helped us save 40% time on our product development process”

3D printing can truly be handy when it comes to your pr […]

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Responding to disasters with 3D printed drones

Japanese team Yuki Ogasawara and Ryo Kumeda, known as Team ROK, have created a disaster response drone with 3D printing. Combining generative design software and a 3D printer to create the X VEIN device, the pair believe they have provided a customizable solution to disaster relief. Saving lives The drone has been designed for use in […]

3D-Printed Drone Can Deliver Defibrillator Via GPS Signal to Cardiac Arrest Victim

( — A 3D-printed prototype drone, developed by Dutch graduate student Alec Momont from the Technical University of Delft, is capable of delivering a defibrillator at a moment’s notice. The drone is capable of finding a patient’s location through the caller’s mobile phone signal and uses GPS to find its way. Impressively, it reaches a… View Article

3D Printed Drones Could Be Used to Help Find Missing Aircraft

(The Engineer)  British researchers have 3D printed a drone they say could be quickly deployed in emergencies such as the search for the missing Malaysian airliner. The 1.5 metre-wide prototype unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) was created for a research project that looked at 3D printing of complex designs without the need for removable support structures –something that could dramatically speed up the process. The designers at the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre in Sheffield said the polymer craft could form the basis of cheap, disposable UAVs that could be built and deployed within as little as 24 hours.

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