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3D Printing Industry Review of the Year June 2018

Moving on to June 2018 – 3D printing strengthened its position in the automotive industry and we took on the Ocean’s 8 diamond heist. Within the 3D printing trifecta, materials started to take on a hold, and would continue to trend throughout trade shows and product announcements in the latter half of the year. Soft […]

3D printing and 3D scanning experts crack the Ocean’s 8 diamond necklace heist

Ocean’s 8, the latest in the line of star-studded line of Hollywood heist movies, recently made its UK debut yesterday with a 3D printer in a starring role. Sitting on a desktop in the back of the gang’s workshop, a MakerBot Replicator Z18 seamlessly creates a Cartier diamond necklace that convinces an unwitting Anne Hathaway […]

Ocean’s 8 und der Hype um 3D-Druck in Hollywood

oceans8 scan 300x153 - Ocean's 8 und der Hype um 3D-Druck in Hollywood

In Deutschland startet am 21. Juni 2018 in den Kinos Ocean’s 8, ein Spin-Off mit weiblicher Besetzung des US-amerikanischen Heist-Films Ocean’s Eleven. Neben Stars wie Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett oder Anne Hathaway spielt auch ein 3D-Drucker eine kleine Rolle. Die Handlung des Films dreht sich um den Diebstahl einer wertvollen Halskette von Cartier. Diese soll [...]

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