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CEAD launches continuous fiber 3D printer with Royal Roos and Poly Products

The large-format Continuous Fiber Additive Manufacturing (CFAM) Prime machine from Dutch system manufacturer CEAD has officially launched with the support of two industry partners. Marine engineering company Royal Roos, based in Rotterdam, and fiberglass reinforcement specialist Poly Products, headquartered in the Southern Netherlands, have become the first two customers of the new system. Fulko Roos, founder of […]

CEAD’s new large-format Continuous Fiber 3D printer

The Netherlands based company CEAD is developing a large-format Continuous Fiber Additive Manufacturing (CFAM) machine for industrial applications, including construction and shipbuilding. Continuous fiber 3D printing CEAD has not revealed the specifications of their CFAM process, as they are still in the process of securing patents, however other solutions for working with carbon fiber are […]