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3D printing news Sliced MakerBot, Blue Origin, BigRep, Xometry, Dassault Systèmes

Who will win the race to space: Blue Origin or SpaceX? Can classroom educators become 3D printing experts? Would you wear 3D printed lingerie? How can additive manufacturing restore historical art pieces? These questions and more from MakerBot, AIDC, RP Support, Digital Metal, Tanked, the MTC, Xometry in this edition of the Sliced 3D printing […]

BigRep and Etihad to define aerospace additive manufacturing roadmap

Large scale industrial additive manufacturing 3D printer provider BigRep is teaming up with Etihad Airways Engineering to develop an additive manufacturing roadmap for the aerospace industry. The plan will focus on ways to develop 3D printing processes and standards for the production of aircraft interiors. Berhard Randerath, Vice President of Engineering, Design & Innovation at Etihad […]