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Milan Design Woche öffnet mit schönstem bisher 3D-gedruckten Haus

3D housing 05 badezimmer 300x200 - Milan Design Woche öffnet mit schönstem bisher 3D-gedruckten Haus

Aktuell findet die Milan Design Woche (Salone Del Mobile Milano) statt. Eines der Highlights wird ein 3D-gedrucktes Haus sein. Es soll das schönste bisher 3D-gedruckte Haus sein. Das Haus wurde in einer Zusammenarbeit von Arup und CLS Architetti entwickelt. Das Haus wurde unter dem Namen 3D Housing 05 entwickelt. Es besitzt eine Fläche von rund […]

Der Beitrag Milan Design Woche öffnet mit schönstem bisher 3D-gedruckten Haus erschien zuerst auf – Das Magazin für 3D-Drucktechnologien.

Milan Design Week opens with the most beautiful 3D printed house yet

Milan Design Week 2018, or Salone Del Mobile Milano, is in full swing in the global taste-making capital of Northern Italy. This week, in an exhibit made for 3D printing enthusiasts with an eye for architecture, UK design firm Arup and Italy’s CLS Architetti put the finishing touches on the 3D HOUSING 05 project – a 100 square […]

Bringing classical architecture back with 3D printing

EDG, a New York city based architectural design studio, is using 3D printing to restore and recreate intricate details in historic architecture. Classical style, 3D printed Inspired by the slated demolition of a historical building on New York’s Fifth Avenue, EDG began planning financially viable ways to restore other old buildings. Speaking to Designboom, EDG […]

Arup and CLS Architetti 3D printing concrete house for Milan Design Week

Architecture firms Arup, UK, and CLS Architetti, Italy, are 3D printing a concrete house as part of their 3D Housing 05 project, for this year’s Milan Design Week. Designed to be disassembled and moved, the house will be 3D printed over the course of a week, on site at Milan’s Piazza Cesare Beccaria. It will feature a […]