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Titan Robotics debuts large format pellet extrusion 3D printer

Titan Robotics, the company behind the 5-print-head Cronus 3D printer, has introduced a new Pellet Extrusion technology to take large format 3D printing to the next level. The technology was showcased at this year’s RAPID + TCT 2018, installed inside a new line of 3D printers and used to print the hexagonal facias decorating the […]

re:3D launches Kickstarter for Gigabot X its greenest 3D printer yet

re:3D, a large format 3D printer provider headquartered in Houston, Texas, has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its latest machine – the Gigabot X. Adding to the existing Gigabot family, the Gigabot X is a “cheaper, faster, & greener” solution using pelletized feedstock, and marks the company’s “first step at creating a truly affordable, large-scale […]