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AprintaPro veröffentlicht nachhaltiges Filament PrintaMent PURE

Der Österreichische 3D Druck Zubehör- und Materialhersteller AprintaPro veröffentlicht ein nachhaltiges Filament mit matter und rauer Oberfläche. 3D Drucke aus PrintaMent PURE ermöglichen einzigartige Designs. AprintaPro bekannt durch das Haftspray PrintaFix brachte zu Beginn des Jahres mit PrintaMent eine Vielzahl von hochwertigen Filamenten auf den Markt. Mit PrintaMent PURE startet nun ein nachhaltiges Material mit […]

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Linear Advance im 3D-Druck – Warum? Wozu? Was ist das?

In diesem Beitrag wird näher beschrieben, was Linear Advance für 3D-Drucker ist, welche 3D-Drucker das Verfahren bereits unterstützen und welche Vorteile daraus entstehen.  Linear Advance ist ein Algorithmus der den Druck des geschmolzenen Filaments je nach Druckgeschwindigkeit regelt. Im Normalfall wird diese Geschwindigkeit je nach Bewegungsgeschwindigkeit der anderen Achsen angepasst. Das ist grundsätzlich auch sinnvoll, […]

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The Leapfrog Bolt Pro 3D printer review

The Bolt Pro is the latest FFF 3D printer from Netherlands-based machine manufacturer Leapfrog. Fitted with independent dual extruders and an interchangeable print bed, the Bolt Pro is designed for user-friendly, professional 3D printing. Recently, 3D Printing Industry put the Leapfrog Bolt Pro 3D printer through its paces in house. Designed with the end user […]

3D-gedruckte Scheinwerfer für polnischen Supersportwagen

In Polen haben sie die Brüder Marek und Łukasz Tomkiewicz das ehrgeizige Ziel gesetzt einen Supersportwagen selbst zu entwickeln. Für das besondere Fahrzeug wurde der eigens entwickelte Scheinwerfer mittels 3D-Drucker hergestellt. Die beiden Brüder Marek und Łukasz Tomkiewicz haben das Unternehmen Arrinera gegründet. Seit etwa 10 Jahren arbeitet das Unternehmen nun an einem eigenen Supersportwagen. Der erste […]

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MakeX launches their first desktop FDM 3D printer Migo on Kickstarter

Following the crowdfunding success of the M-One DLP and M-Jewelry 3D printers, MakeX has launched the MIGO desktop FDM 3D printer on Kickstarter. Coming in a choice of two sizes, and five different colors, the machine has been designed with a “pick-up-and-play” approach, aimed to get families and children into 3D printing. MIGO amigos The […]

Print Form inspires InspireX strategic investment

Print Form, a service bureau offering custom manufactured plastic and metal parts on demand has received an undisclosed strategic investment from InspireX Ventures. The 3D printing bureau, based in Atlanta, Georgia, offers both advanced manufacturing and consultancy services. The significance of investment The strategic investment, through which InspireX will acquire capital in Print Form, will […]

Michigan Tech study asks how flexible 3D printing can save costs at home

Casio watch straps, ice cube trays, car parts and phone cases are among the items 3D printed in the latest study by Michigan Tech researchers Aubrey Woern and Professor Joshua Pearce. The items were made to determine whether the average home could save money by using a desktop 3D printer as an alternative to products bought […]

Zimple Kickstarter makes 3D printing safer for all

FDM 3D printers are taking an important place on the desktop across industry and at home. As with all electrical devices, it’s important to remain vigilant where safety is concerned, and Parisian startup company Zimple has come up with a nifty device to make 3D printing cleaner for everybody. The Zimpure filtration system, now live […]

GKN Driveline increases 3D printing for production after 70% cut in lead times

GKN Driveline services over 90% of the world’s car manufacturers, including work for the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Group and luxury car brands Maserati and Ferrari. After replacing traditional metal and plastic tools with custom made, 3D printed equivalents the GKN Driveline Florence plant has reported a reduction of almost 70% in lead times for car production. […]

How to cut FFF 3D print times in half by the University of Michigan

Engineers at the University of Michigan’s Smart and Sustainable Automation Research Laboratory (S2A Lab) have landed an algorithm capable of keeping layers in check at up 10 times the typical speed of an FFF 3D printer. In tests, the Michigan print process has demonstrated the ability to make a 37.23 mm wide scale model of […]