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Get a discount as Endurance Lasers put metal engraving to the test

Endurance Lasers gives makers the ability to upgrade 3D printers, CNC routers and other DIY machines with multi tool functionality. By installing a laser diode, these machines become cutting tools and engravers, capable of writing on acrylic, wood, leather and metal, maximizing workshop productivity. Read on for an exclusive discount. The 8.5W+ laser, exclusively available […]

Unlock a new cutting edge dimension to your 3D printer with Endurance Lasers

How can you turn a desktop 3D printer into a laser cutting and engraving machine? The answer lies with Endurance Lasers, which is offering 3D Printing Industry readers wishing to bring this enhanced function to their 3D printers a special 25% discount on any diode laser with the code “I_love_3DPrintingIndustry”. Opening up laser cutting and engraving The […]