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CAASE 2018 highlights design and simulation software for Additive Manufacturing

The Conference on Advancing Analysis and Simulation in Engineering (CAASE) took place June 5th-7th with more than 500 industry professionals assembling in Cleveland for technical presentations, workshops, training courses, and an exhibit. The event catered to the broader engineering simulation community with four key themes across physical and biological systems, simulation governance and democratization, business […]

ParaMatters launches CogniCAD and joins Techniplas Open Innovation at CES 2018

Continuing our coverage of 3D printing at CES 2018, topology optimisation software company ParaMatters has launched its new CogniCAD platform for automatically generating light-weighted structures for aerospace and automotive applications. ParaMatters will be exhibiting at the Techniplas booth within CES 2018, after joining the automotive machining company’s Open Innovation Platform. From CAD to finished product […]

ParaMatters präsentiert neue Plattform: CogniCAD

Das Spezialisten-Team ParaMatters, mit den Schwerpunkten Topologie-Optimierung, Computermechanik, CAD sowie künstliche Intelligenz, wird deren neueste Plattform namens CogniCAD auf der diesjährigen „Global Stage for Innovation“ in Las Vegas präsentieren. Bereits bekannt für deren überlegte Topologie-Optimierungen für Leichtbau sowie auch generative Designs stellt das kalifornische Unternehmen ParaMatters nun deren neueste Innovation vor: eine Cloud-basierte, kognitive CAD-Plattform […]

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