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Aectual receives $1.8 million for sustainable XL 3D Printing in construction

Aectual, the Dutch design and construction company behind Schiphol Airport’s 3D printed floors, has received a capital injection of $1.8 million from three investors that specialize in green, sustainable projects. The first investor, AKEF, is the Amsterdam Climate & Energy Fund that provides a revolving fund €45 million to “companies and projects that demonstrably add to energy saving, […]

3D Concrete Printing – Triple “S” Surface = Structure = Shelter

In this guest article Lapyote Prasittisopin takes a look at 3D printing for construction and the development of concrete 3D printing. With over 5 years experience in 3D printing technology and 5 patents developed, Lapyote’s team is developing 3D printing of cement mortar for structural purposes. 3D Concrete Printing – Triple “S” Surface = Structure […]