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E3D Online releases upgraded Chimera and Cyclops 3D printer hot-ends

E3D Online, a UK-based manufacturer of 3D printer components has released a new range of dual-extrusion hot-ends for 3D printing. The upgraded Chimera and Cyclops hot-ends are available in versions suitable for both air-cooled and water-cooled dual extrusion. Customers can choose whether to have a Chimera+, Chimera Aqua+, Cyclops+, or Cyclops Aqua+ heater block kit and […]

E3D Online launches water cooling for enhanced FFF 3D printer performance

E3D Online is a marketplace selling all the parts, kits and filaments you could need for desktop FFF 3D printing. Identifying the maker community’s need for high-quality hot ends for their 3D printers, the E3D team has been developing their own parts since the company was founded in 2012. After years in the making, the […]