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3D Printing News Sliced: Autodesk, Fabrisonic, BMW, 3D Metalforge

Today in Sliced, our 3D printing news digest, we feature the latest in composite materials; a virtual trip to Paris; electron microscope part inspection and BMW’s 3D printed motorbike. Read on for this and more including Sketchfab, Autodesk, FOX, Cam Newton, Immensa Technology Labs, Victrex, Matterhackers, Robo 3D, CoreLink Surgical, Fabrisonic, BEEVERYCREATIVE, Yxlon, the University of […]

E3D Online and Victrex develop new PAEK material for additive manufacturing

UK-based E3D Online, an award-winning 3D printing technology developer and marketplace, and Victrex, a Lancashire-based manufacturer of high-performance polymers, have successfully created a formulation of polyaryletherketone (PAEK) filament for “lightly modified consumer” desktop FFF/FDM 3D printers. Regarded as an advanced thermoplastic, PAEK is traditionally used in injection molding and extrusion manufacturing processes. However, with its unique […]

Victrex to release improved PAEK for industrial 3D printing

Victrex, a UK supplier of high performance polymers is preparing to market newly developed additive manufacturing materials. One will improve recycling for unsintered powder in selective laser sintering (SLS). In fused filament fabrication (FFF), the company will also produce a filament with better Z-strength than existing Polyaryletherketone (PAEK), a leading material among high-temperature thermoplastics like […]

Victrex kündigt recyclebare Hochleistungs-PAEK-Filamente für SLS- & FFF-Druck an

Victrex kündigt recyclebare Hochleistungs PAEK Filamente für SLS FFF Druck an - Victrex kündigt recyclebare Hochleistungs-PAEK-Filamente für SLS- & FFF-Druck an

Der britische Polymer-Hersteller Victrex kündigte nun die Entwicklung einer Reihe von Hochleistungs-PAEK-Kunststoffen speziell für die additive Fertigung an. Diese sollen sich vor allem durch Fähigkeiten wie verbesserter Recyclingfähigkeit sowie Bedruckbarkeit auszeichnen. Dass die Welt der additiven Fertigung fast täglich neue Innovationen hervor bringt, ist schon lange kein Geheimnis mehr. Doch vor allem in der Entwicklung [...]

Der Beitrag Victrex kündigt recyclebare Hochleistungs-PAEK-Filamente für SLS- & FFF-Druck an erschien zuerst auf – Das Magazin für 3D-Drucktechnologien.

3D printing news Sliced, Arcam, Robo 3D, Ultimaker, Formlabs and UnionTech

This edition of 3D printing news Sliced features stories from Formlabs, Ultimaker, Paragon Rapid Technologies, Royal DSM, AmorePacific, Robo 3D, Arcam, Materialise, IOP, Victrex, Reflow, OmniDynamics AMUG, JustPrint3D, Suzhou Chuzhibao Internet of Things, National University of Cordoba, BIOLIFE4D, Tonkin Liu, PearlGreen and Arup. New products from Ultimaker, Formlabs and UnionTech 3D printing company Ultimaker has launched two […]