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Otago reserachers develop high defintion tissue 3D printing resin

At the University of Otago Christchurch, New Zealand, a team of researchers have developed a 3D printable resin that can accurately copy small features of the human body. Pre-loaded with cells, the resin acts as a cell building block for growing synthetic tissues, which can then be used for experimentation and, potentially, regenerative therapies. Otago […]

4D bioprinting makes the smallest sythetic blood vessels to date

Studying the behaviour of a single layer of cells, scientists realized that the two-dimensional approach was not enough. To this, they added a third dimension and 3D printed scaffolds for cells to proliferate in a way more faithful to the human body. Now, in an effort to match the minute scale of human blood vessels, […]

Cornell researchers trust the gut with 3D printed intestine bioreactors

One of the primary goals of The March Lab at Cornell University, New York, is to create synthetic intestines for use in regenerative medicine and animal-free drug testing. Made from stem cells, the artificial models are theoretically much closer to the real-thing than the alternatives, including computational simulation and single layer cell tests. Now in […]

WFIRM 3D bioprinted Body on a Chip responds to billion dollar screening deficiency

On average, 90% of new drugs developed by pharmaceutical companies in the U.S. fail to make it to a commercial market due to inadequacy of the current screening process. As a result, the manufacturers and researchers involved are seeking a better alternative to up the odds of the industry’s roulette, and save money in a […]