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Sub $400 3D prints electric sensing temporary tattoos for soldiers

Scientists at the University of Minnesota (UMN) have 3D printed an electronic circuit on to the back of a human hand for the first time. Though temporary, like lick n stick tattoos, this technology presents great potential for helping to heal wounds, gather advanced intelligence on the battlefield, and promote response in remote locations. “It would […]

Why are 3D printed prosthesis in demand? GCU outreach introduces regenerative bandages

3D printed prosthesis are increasingly common in medicine, with several non-profit and startup companies, such as E-Nable and Victoria Hand, started in support of the technology. Often much of the outreach from these projects takes place in countries with inaccessible healthcare. While there is no denying the need for low-cost prosthesis in such countries, one […]

VTT Finland develops 3D printed device for advanced wound care

Cellulose is the most abundant organic polymer in the world. It is the primary compound in the cell walls of green plants, and is typically used to make paper and cardboard. At the VTT Technical Centre of Finland, a state owned research and development non-profit, scientists have used nano-structured cellulose to make a 3D printable […]