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Interview: Henrik Lund-Nielsen CEO 3D Printhuset, advancing 3D printing for construction

In 2017, 3D printing for construction has started to gain more coverage. While some of the projects using 3D printing to make buildings may never develop beyond the well polished renders, and highly shareable video content, other enterprises are advancing with tangible results. That’s not to say the technology is new. In 2015, I visited […]

3D Printhuset bringt erstes 3D-gedrucktes „Büro-Hotel“ nach Kopenhagen – Update

Das dänische 3D-Druck-Unternehmen 3D Printhuset zeigt mit dem 3D-Druck des „Building on Demand“ (BOD) in Kopenhagen das erste 3D-gedruckte Gebäude, das europäischen Baurichtlinen entspricht.  11.09.2017: Der 3D-Drucker für das Projekt wurde speziell von 3D Printhuset entwickelt und verfügt über einen Bauraum von 8 x 8 x 6 Metern. Mit dem System lassen sich sich 20 […]

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3D Printhuset lays foundations 3D printed office-hotel in Copenhagen

Building on Demand (BOD), the latest venture of Danish firm 3D Printhuset, marks a major breakthrough for additive manufacturing in construction. The concrete office-hotel structure occupying just under 50 metres of floor-space, is due to be 3D printed in Nordhaven, Copenhagen’s docklands area, and will be Western Europe’s first inhabitable 3D printed building. Building on […]