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Europe’s first 3D printed pre-fab house completed by AMT-SPETSAVIA

A 3D printed house, claimed to be the first inhabitable one in continental Europe, has been constructed in Yaroslavl in Russia, and awaiting permanently habitation. At 298.5 square metres, manufacturer AMT-SPETSAVIA is also claiming that the building is the largest by surface area to be built using additive manufacturing technology. The 3D printed potion of […]

3D Printhuset lays foundations 3D printed office-hotel in Copenhagen

Building on Demand (BOD), the latest venture of Danish firm 3D Printhuset, marks a major breakthrough for additive manufacturing in construction. The concrete office-hotel structure occupying just under 50 metres of floor-space, is due to be 3D printed in Nordhaven, Copenhagen’s docklands area, and will be Western Europe’s first inhabitable 3D printed building. Building on […]