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Flowbuilt opens Superfeet mass customization footwear facility

Flowbuilt Manufacturing, a registered trademark of premium shoe insole developer Superfeet, has opened its first footwear manufacturing facility in Ferndale, Washington. Powered by 3D printing, multi-section injection molding, and 3D scanning, the new facility will see through the mass customization of limited-run shoes for rapid prototyping, sampling and development. “To date your choices have been very […]

HP formally enters 3D printed footwear market and updates Siemens partnership

In a major update of a collaboration with premium shoe insole developer Superfeet, HP has announced that it will be powering the FitStation custom 3D printed footwear platform. Contributing to the 2016 partnership with Siemens, the company has also announced that it will be integrating specially developed NX Additive Manufacturing (NX AM) into its Multi Jet […]