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Youbionic’s new gadget is a 3D printed robotic double hand

Italian Robotics company Youbionic has produced a 3D printed, and customizable human attachment, consisting of two robotic hands controllable using one human hand. The bionic hand consists of a 3D printed exterior, an Arduino micro-controller, a set of actuators and three electrodes, activated by by human nerve impulses. Hands on robotics Youbionic states that “the tech […]

Havenlabs releases open-source Utility Band to help amputees

New York-based not-for-profit Havenlabs has announced the release of its Utility Band assistive device. The open-source 3D printed device currently has two different preset attachments that amputees can use to hold tools, with more yet to be announced. An adjustable design The central flexible base of the Utility Band is configured to be printed with […]