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Open Source 3D printing cuts cost from $4,000 to only $0.25 says new study

Slot die coating is a means of adding a thin, uniform film of material to a substrate. It is a widely used method for the manufacturing of electronic devices – including flat screen televisions, printed electronics, lithium-ion batteries and sensors. Up until recently, slot die components were only machined from stainless steel, restricting development and […]

3D Printing Industry Review of the year February 2017

Our 3D Printing Industry review of the year looks at most interesting and noteworthy stories that we covered throughout February 2017. The month marked an important change in strategy for a major company and also saw new 3D printers, software and material releases. Investment in 3D printing was also an important activity, with the completion […]

Michigan Tech study asks how flexible 3D printing can save costs at home

Casio watch straps, ice cube trays, car parts and phone cases are among the items 3D printed in the latest study by Michigan Tech researchers Aubrey Woern and Professor Joshua Pearce. The items were made to determine whether the average home could save money by using a desktop 3D printer as an alternative to products bought […]

How 3D printing could save consumers millions in toys and games

According to a new study, 3D printing is already impacting the toys and games market which – by 2020 – is “projected to be [worth] US$135 billion.” By 3D printing free object designs from MyMiniFactory, the research evaluated the quality and cost in comparison to similar consumer products. The researchers used an FDM 3D printer […]

Kann man mit einem 3D-Drucker für den Heimgebrauch tatsächlich Geld sparen?

Diese Frage stellte sich Professor Joshua Pearce von der Michigan Technological University und führte eine Studie durch um herauszufinden, wie praktisch und rentabel ein Desktop 3D-Drucker im eigenen Heim für den durchschnittlichen Konsumenten tatsächlich ist.  In seiner Studie „Emergence of Home Manufacturing in the Developed World: Return on Investment for Open-Source 3-D Printers“ kam er zum […]

Der Beitrag erschien bei unter der URL Kann man mit einem 3D-Drucker für den Heimgebrauch tatsächlich Geld sparen?


A Solar-Powered 3D Printer for Less-Developed Areas of the Globe

(Michigan Tech News) — Joshua Pearce, associate professor at Michigan Technological University, has combined his specialties of 3D printing and solar power to develop two solutions in the form of open-source solar-powered 3D printers. One is designed for schools and businesses, while the other is for remote communities. The first features an array of solar… View Article