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3D Printing News Sliced, Voodoo Manufacturing, Create O&P, German RepRap, NewPro 3D and the MTC

3D printing news to be Sliced this week includes Create O&P, German RepRap, Humanetics, the Manufacturing Technology Center, NewPro 3D and many more. A space for additive manufacturing Coventry’s Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC), a leading independent Research & Technology Organisation behind the additive manufacturing skills framework, has been selected by the leading global standards organisation, […]

MineBridge and WhiteClouds Partner to 3D Print Topography Maps for Mining Sites

( – MineBridge Software, Inc., has come up with a technique to aid in the visualization of mining sites and other geological locations. Typically when a company goes in to mine a particular site, they use comprehensive 2-dimensional topology maps, which include many contour lines telling miners and engineers the different elevations of a particular area. MineBridge teamed… View Article

WhiteClouds Focusing on Needs of People Just Getting into 3D Printing

(Tech Page One) While some novice home-builders rely on two-dimensional renderings displayed on computer screens or $4,000 physical models built by hand, Utah-based WhiteClouds provides a third option — building a look-alike on a 3D printer. Going from mock-up to model is a prime example of the kind of everyday service WhiteClouds sees as the foundation of its 3D printing business and what sets it apart from other companies.“We’re really focusing more on the masses, the people who are just getting into 3D printing,”  CEO Jerry Ropelato said in a recent interview. “They’re not experts at this. Our goal is to help it explode.” Just making sure the printers stay up and running is among the biggest challenges, Ropelato said. Because the technology underpinning the industrial-grade printers used by his company and others is so new, it’s not uncommon to have downtime rates of 20 percent.

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