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New 3D imaging techniques penetrate the heart of tissues for diagnosis

Researchers at the University of St Andrews in Scotland have discovered two new techniques for creating 3D images of internal, biological tissues. The non-invasive 3D scanning methods go deeper into tissue than ever before, and are capable of collecting a complete 3D image without rotating or taking multiple images of a specimen. The technology has many […]

RMIT develops 3D printed smartphone microscope for remote healthcare

Looking for a smartphone upgrade? Look no further than your 3D printer. RMIT University scientists have developed a “clip-on” filter that can turn smartphone cameras into a powerful microscope. Capable of viewing specimens as small as 1/200th of a millimeter, the device will come in handy as a point of care diagnostic tool or research […]

LymphaTech 3D scanner can assess swollen limbs to avoid disability

Prevention, as they say, is cheaper and easier than the cure. As such, 3D printign and scanning technologies are finding increasing application in medicine around the world for point-of-care diagnosis of various infections and conditions such as the zika virus and degenerative eye disease. Using a 3D scanner developed by Atlanta startup LymphaTech, researchers in Sri […]

16 year old invents 3D printed eye test for preventing blindness in diabetics

Kavya Kopparapu, a 16 year old student at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, Virginia, has invented a 3D printed device that can detect signs of degenerative eye disease. The device works with an AI smartphone app. Kopparapu and her team digitally trained the Eyeagnosis package which is intended to be a cheaper, more accessible eye […]