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PrusaResearch stellt neue Community-Plattform PrusaPrinters vor

Prusa Research hat mit PrusaPrinters eine neue online Plattform erhalten. Die neue Plattform verbindet den bestehenden Blog, das alte Forum und zwei große neue Funktionen miteinander. Kaum hatte Josef Prusa es auf Twitter ausgesprochen, das er etwas Neues veröffentlichen will, gab es erste Spekulation. Vermutet wurde dabei, dass Prusa beginnen könnte Resin selbst herzustellen, dass [...]

Der Beitrag PrusaResearch stellt neue Community-Plattform PrusaPrinters vor erschien zuerst auf – The Independent AM Magazine.

Discover the new i.materialise forum

Get connected to i.materialise’s all-new community forum! As you might have noticed, we have upgraded our forum to a new platform called Discourse. Every day we see the potential of 3D printing grow a little more, and we owe this in part to the limitless creativity of our customers. Over the years we’ve come to know and meet so many of you and we’d love to know more about you. So come and join our new platform and share your 3D printing projects, meet fellow designers, and get feedback from the i.materialise team.  

Creat it REAL entwickelt Verschlüsselung zum Schutz von geistigem Eigentum

Das Unternehmen Create it REAL hat eine neue Plattform entwickelt, die es erlaubt 3D-Daten vor Diebstahl und Manipulation zu schützen. Dafür wurde eine Verschlüsselung entwickelt und die Daten werden erst direkt an Board des 3D-Drucker wieder entschlüsselt. Derzeit testet Create it REAL mehrere Prototypen, die bis zum Ende des Jahres offiziell vorgestellt werden. Kern der […]

Der Beitrag erschien bei unter der URL Creat it REAL entwickelt Verschlüsselung zum Schutz von geistigem Eigentum


Designer Portrait: 3D Customization Start-Up Twikit Uses 3D Printing to Make Personalized Products Come to Life

Martijn Joris, co-founder of the Antwerp-based startup Twikit, has a passion for 3D creation, making, and 3D printing. His company is pioneering a new way of customized digital production and is rapidly carving its place in the 3D printing world. Twikit builds 3D customization tools for brands, retailers and designers that allow consumers to create their own unique products and bring them to life with 3D printing. We met up with this visionary entrepreneur to learn more about the passion that drives him and to see first-hand how new, cutting-edge apps are developed in his co-working space. Twikit is all about bringing customization tools to brands and retailers. This way, users have the possibility to personalize and co-design truly unique products. Their portfolio includes customizable apps for jewelry items, home décor items, business gifts, shavers, and fashion items to only name a few. Since their launch in 2012 Twikit has grown a lot in size and collaborated with renowned jewelry and fashion designers as well as retail chains such as Auchan and Veritas. What may sound a bit abstract at first can be visualized nicely with some concrete examples. With the 3D Trophy Factory, Joris’s team created an app that lets users create personalized trophies. After all, what’s a trophy without stating the names of the event and the lucky winner? On their website (see screenshot below), users can choose from different base designs and tweak their trophy in size, color, and text. Another great example is customizable jewelry. Twikit developed an easy-to-use website that lets users personalize jewelry created by the renowned designer Anne Zellien. For example, you can create a bracelet with your initials in the material of your choice. Since all products are truly unique, it’s only logical that Twikit needs a production partner that can produce mass-customized items. And that’s where our online 3D printing service comes into play. Via an API, orders from Twikit are directly forwarded to i.materialise’s 3D printing factory and shipped out to the end user in Twikit’s branded packaging. It’s a fast, smart and truly unique production chain between two technology partners. In the future Twikit will continue to create apps and a website that add value to brands and their users, and that make tweaking an object both fun and easy. Whether it’s headphones, cases or any other consumer products, Joris has already given us a heads up that “a lot of things are still to come.”

Bring Your Future to Life: 10% 3D Printing Discount for Students & Academic Staff

You shape the future, we do the rest! Students all over the world 3D print miniature concept cars, architectural and functional models, prototypes, and all sorts of other educational projects with us each and every day. We want to help you realize even more of these projects and discover the limitless possibilities of 3D printing. This is why i.materialise is offering a 10% student discount for all college and university students as well as for academic staff. This discount is valid on all uploaded orders via our 3D print lab. This discount is valid on all materials. Take a look at our materials page to learn more about them. This discount is valid for students and academic staff of all fields of study. The student discount is valid all year long (until Dec 31st, 2016). In 2017 (as of Jan 1st, 2017), return to this site to claim your student discount for 2017. Getting your discount code is easy: You are enrolled or work for a higher education institution, such as a college, university or technical school and you have an .edu or other official university/school email address. Simply click here and register for the student discount. We will verify your address and send you a 10% discount code within several days after your registration. So register now and receive your 10% discount code within several days. Did you already print something with us? Let us know in our forum!