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3D Printing Industry Review of the Year May 2018

3D printing in May 2018 saw the launch of our second annual 3D Printing Industry Awards (2019 nominations now open) and marked the 10th Anniversary of the RepRap movement. In applications, some of the most popular articles included medical breakthroughs. We were also given the exclusive opportunity to see the latest machines coming to market. […]

Ultimaker opens new APAC facility in Singapore to meet global demands

Ultimaker, a Netherlands based 3D printer manufacturer, has expanded operations within the APAC region with a new office facility in Singapore. Following this, Benjamin Tan, former Channel Director at Dassault Systèmes, has been appointed as Vice President Asia Pacific at Ultimaker in Singapore. “There is a greater understanding of additive manufacturing in Asia Pacific,” said […]

Volkswagen Autoeuropa setzt auf 3D-Druck bei Werkzeugherstellung für Montage

Volkswagen Autoeuropa, Tochtergesellschaft der Volkswagen AG mit Sitz in Portugal, setzt bei der Entwicklung und Herstellung von Montagewerkzeug auf 3D-Drucker von Ultimaker. Mit 3D-gedruckten Schablonen, Messlehren und anderen Vorrichtungen für die Montage spart der Automobilhersteller im Durchschnitt acht Wochen bei der Produktion ein. Montagewerkzeuge werden zur präzisen Anbringung verschiedener Komponenten am Fahrzeug verwendet. Mit einer […]

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