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Interview: Brook Drumm, Printrbot, ‘we need to roll up our sleeves and re-capture the imagination’

Our series to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the RepRap project continues this week with insights from more early pioneers. Occasionally there is confusion around the term Open Source, in particular as to whether it is incompatible with business. In this article 3D Printing Industry interviews the founder of an American company that was inspired […]

Interview: Ed Sells, RepRap ‘opened up a multi-billion dollar industry now known as 3D printing’

This week marks the 10th anniversary of the RepRap project. At 3D Printing Industry we’re interviewing some of the earlier pioneers and leading figures in the open source and FFF 3D printer world. Ed Sells became involved in the very early days of the RepRap project when he was a studying at the University of […]

Printrbelt: Printrbot stellt 3D-Drucker mit Förderband und endloser Z-Achse vor

Nach dem Blackbelt 3D-Drucker, der vor Kurzem über eine erfolgreiche Kickstarter Kampagne finanziert wurde, bringt nun auch Printrbot einen 3D-Drucker mit Förderband und endloser Z-Achse auf den Markt. Im Gegensatz zu Blackbelt ist der Printrbelt allerdings bereits offiziell über die Webseite des Herstellers erhältlich. Das Desktop-Gerät ermöglicht durch seinen speziellen Aufbau den kontinuierlichen 3D-Druck von Objekten, […]

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Printrbot Simple v2 goes on sale

The long-awaited Printrbot Simple v2 is now available for pre-order. The original Printrbot is considered one of the finest starter machines in the business and the addition of handle meant it was portable too. It was also one of the founding fathers of crowdfunding in the 3D printing business and launched off the back of a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2011. Since then, it has left an indelible mark on the industry. Now the next generation is on sale and shipping will start at the end of July. Now it has gone on sale, we have finally got the basic details. It will build on the success of the first iteration, though, and has an all metal construction and a stable platform. It weighs a sturdy 16lb and measures 19x16x20 inches. “As far as hardware, the new Simple is sleeker, with my usual quirky minimalism,” said CEO Brook Drumm. “Love it or hate it. It dumps the round rods and bearings for all linear rails and carriages. We have improved the zy assembly to be a single block of aluminum- no adjustment or nuance when building it, it’s remarkable simple. But simple is hard. And again, these upgrades are pricey to do, but I think it’s worth it.” The major details An aluminium cold zone joins a PTFE transition and the Ubis 13S hotend is fully enclosed to make this […]

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Tome – Tragbarer 3D-Drucker

Tome ist ein 3D-Drucker in einem Koffer, der mit einem Akku betrieben werden kann. Der 10*20*28cm kleine Koffer beinhaltet einen kompletten 3D-Drucker und einen Akku um den Drucker mit Strom zu versorgen. Mit einer Akkuladung kann man rund vier Stunden drucken. Der Bauraum ist auf 12*12*12cm ausgelegt. Das über Hack a Day publizierte Projekt ist […]

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Printrbot bietet auf YouMagine kostenlose 3D-Modelle an

Printrbot ist einer der bekanntesten 3D-Drucker-Hersteller im Heimbereich. Die Drucker des Unternehmens zeichnen sich durch einen günstigen Preis sowie einem einfachen Aufbau aus. Der Gründer der Firma, Brook Drumm, setzt hierbei vollkommen auf Open Source. Kürzlich hat Drumm aus diesem Grund bei der 3D-Modell-Plattform YouMagine einige druckbare Modelle veröffentlicht mit welchem man seinen Printrbot erweitern […]

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3D Hubs Releases 3D Printing Trends Report for February 2014

(3D Hubs) The 3D Hubs monthly trend report provides a unique perspective on the state of the 3D printing industry. The report is based on the data of the 3D Hubs community with well over 3100 printer listings and thousands of 3D print jobs. The month’s report shows that Makerbot is dominating the worldwide 3D printers market by occupying the top spot in all regions except Europe. While Ultimaker has its roots in Europe, Printrbot and Solidoodle are mainly US-driven operations. Prototyping remained the number 1 reason that people use 3D Hubs’ network of 3D printers, accounting for 36.5% of prints followed closely by the Hobby/DIY category at 22.8%.

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