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Wilson Tool International realizes potential of 3D printed tooling in new Additive division

The world’s largest independent tooling manufacturer Wilson Tool International has launched a 3D printing division. Through the newly formed Wilson Tool Additive segment customers will have access to custom-made jigs, fixtures and tooling – an area which is perhaps one of the most valuable applications of desktop FDM/FFF in an industrial setting. Wilson Tool Additive […]

3D Platform pits large scale 3D printing against traditional manufacturing

Large-scale 3D printer manufacturer 3D Platform, headquartered in Illinois, has demonstrated great potential to save on tooling costs against traditional machining. In a further case study, with San Francisco service bureau Titanic Design, the company’s hardware has also been put to the test, creating a life-size replica turbofan of a Boeing 737. Machining v 3D […]

3D-gedruckte Simulatoren zur Verbesserung medizinischer Trainingsprogramme

3D gedruckte Simulatoren zur Verbesserung medizinischer Trainingsprogramme 2 300x120 - 3D-gedruckte Simulatoren zur Verbesserung medizinischer Trainingsprogramme

Dr. Lori Lioce, klinische Assistenz Professorin am College of Nursing an der Universität von Alabama in Huntsville (UAH), entwickelt in Kooperation mit 3D-Druck-Spezialisten neue Simulatoren, um medizinische Trainingsprogramme zu verbessern. Das wohl größte Problem bei medizinischen Ausbildungen ist die Frage, wie Studenten komplexe medizinische Fälle vermittelt werden können, ohne dabei echte Patienten hinzuziehen zu müssen. [...]

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Sandia Labs apply design for additive manufacturing to build precision telescope

Using sub-par materials and inaccurate dimensions does not sound like the appropriate start to a precision engineering project. However, a team at Sandia National Laboratories has done just that, and made a functional telescope capable of “seeing” as accurately as one five times the cost. How did they do it? By leveraging the advantages of design […]

AON-M2 high temp 3D printer launch: technical specifications and pricing

Industrial 3D printer manufacturer AON3D has released the AON-M2 3D printer. A next generation of the successful AON-M system, the AON-M2 is a large format, high temperature 3D printer made to produce engineering grade end-use parts for automotive, aerospace and healthcare industries. Positioned well as a middle market alternative to Stratasys 3D printers, the AON-M2 […]

XSTRAND™ a new material for functional prototyping and tooling applications

Composite materials are leading the way for high-performance 3D printed prototypes. In tooling, electronics and automotive industries, businesses require materials that can withstand industrial-grade thermal, tensile and pressural tests. Owens Corning, a leading supplier of glass fiber for composites, has developed the XSTRAND™ line of fiberglass 3D printer filaments to fulfil manufacturing’s demand for functional […]

3D printing 10 times cheaper than machining for Moog Aircraft Group

FDM 3D printing proves better than traditional manufacturing in this latest case study from Moog Aircraft Group (NYSE:MOG.A) and leading Stratsys reseller SYS Systems. As a solution for spare parts and tooling, fused deposition modeling (FDM) is the 3D printing technology of choice for cutting costs and lead times at factories around the world. In recent […]

Indaero lands major Airbus suppliers using Stratasys 3D printed ULTEM

Spanish aerospace and engineering company Indaero has secured the business of a number of Tier 1 and Tier 2 Airbus suppliers. The new contracts, including one with Aernnova – manufacturer of the Airbus NH90 Helicopter, have been attributed in part to 3D printing, an effort Indaero believes has been “a game-changer” for its production. 3D printing maximizes […]

GKN Driveline increases 3D printing for production after 70% cut in lead times

GKN Driveline services over 90% of the world’s car manufacturers, including work for the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Group and luxury car brands Maserati and Ferrari. After replacing traditional metal and plastic tools with custom made, 3D printed equivalents the GKN Driveline Florence plant has reported a reduction of almost 70% in lead times for car production. […]

Additive Manufacturing für den Werkzeug- und Formenbau

Die Art der Produktion technischer Bauteile verändert sich fortwährend und passt sich ständig an die Bedürfnisse der Abnehmer, der Umwelt, der Ressourcenverfügbarkeit und der technischen Innovationen an. Die Massenfertigung von Bauteilen stellt eine große Herausforderung im Hinblick auf eine fehlerminimierende, wirtschaftliche Planung und Strategieentwicklung von Unternehmen und Organisationen. Es werden Strategien und Methoden gesucht, um […]

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