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Q&A: Silvan Gantenbein PhD Candidate ETH Zürich, 3D printing complex materials

Recently the Complex Materials Group and Soft Materials Group at ETH Zürich, Switzerland, collaborated to develop a low cost, recyclable and high strength liquid crystal polymer (LCP) material for 3D printers. To learn more about this carbon fiber competitor I spoke to Silvan Gantenbein, co-author of the LCP study and PhD Candidate with the Complex Materials Group at ETH, about bioinspired design, […]

ETH Zürich develops carbon fiber rival for desktop 3D printers

Wood and spider silk have inspired the development of a new desktop 3D printable material that reportedly outperforms “state-of-the-art printed polymers”. Developed by a team of researchers at ETH Zürich, Switzerland, this bioinspired material contains liquid crystal polymer (LCP) particles that rival the use of glass and carbon fiber reinforcements. A more sustainable alternative to […]

ETH Zürich 3D printable “Flink” creates proactive bacterial microfactories

Bacteria grows in water-based hydrogels in a similar wold to mold that appears on the top of a forgotten cup of coffee. However, with a more solid consistency than coffee, hydrogels provide microbes with a structure, allowing them to multiply into more complex, three-dimensional shapes. Though the organisms would typically be unwelcome at any breakfast […]

3D printable nanocrystal ink from plant cellulose marks “important step” toward sustainable materials

A paper published in Advanced Functional Materials demonstrates a method for creating, and 3D printing, inks made from plant cellulose. 3D printed grids made from the …