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Robots bridge the gap in 3D printed construction at Tongji University

As one of the most impressive feats of civil engineering, bridges have become the ultimate goal of a number of projects in architectural 3D printing. Last year, the 3D printing industry saw the construction of a reinforced concrete bridge made by the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IaaC). This year, TU Eindhoven have also risen […]

Behind the 3D printed bridge: exclusive interview with Catalonian designers at IAAC

A collaboration between the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) in Barcelona, Spain, and ACCIONA, a company dedicated to Spain’s sustainable infrastructure, have pipped …

taulman 3D Adds to Line of 3D Printing Materials

(3D Printing Industry) taulman 3D continues to add to its strong line of 3D printing materials. The material developer has just released a new, high strength nylon co-polymer 3D printing material to testers around the world for review, ahead of general release. The new material is named “Bridge” and it’s a symbolic name on two levels. Firstly, it represents the collaborative effort behind the development of the material by thousands of nylon 618 and nylon 645 users, together with the help and support of taulman3D’s extrusion house and chemical company. The Bridge moniker is also representative of how the material is bridging the strength of nylon 645 together with the price of current ABS and PLA thermoplastics. It allows any user the flexibility to determine the best choice in material for their printing needs.

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