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Watch this 3D printed submarine paddle without fuel or electricity

Made entirely out of plastic on a multi-material 3D printer, ETH Zürich’s mini submarine presents a crucial stroke forward for the future of smart devices. The 7.5 centimeter long vehicle is capable of paddling forwards, delivering cargo, and returning to base, all without an engine, propellant, or power supply. An impressive feat combining materials science, computing […]

ETH Zurich’s 4D printed structures self-deploy and have shape memory

As part of research into the development of four-dimensional (4D) printing and active self-deploying structures, scientists from ETH Zurich have proposed a series of 3D printed auxetic meta-materials. The materials may be used in biomedical devices, engineering structures, and aerospace applications. Such materials, capable of achieving area changes of up to 200%, are are 3D printed geometrically complex active […]