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The best medical, dental and healthcare applications of 3D printing 2018

With the 2018 3D Printing Industry Awards only a few weeks away, we take a look at what our readers consider the best medical, dental and healthcare applications of 3D printing. Make your vote for these, or another application, on the voting form now. Digital dentistry, disruptive technology and functional materials Medical, dental and healthcare […]

3D Life launches 3D anatomical heart library

Physicians are increasingly using 3D models obtained from MRI, CT and other medical scans to better prepare for surgeries. 3D printing allows surgeons to examine and practise on accurate anatomical models before going into surgery, which has been shown in one case to reduce surgery times by up to 25 percent. 3D Printable heart library […]

3D printing lungs from CT and MRI scans with 3D Systems’ MultiJet ProJet MJP 5600

Cruz Roja hospital in Córdoba is using 3D printing to prepare for surgeries on lung cancer patients. As surgeons seek to leverage the benefits of 3D printing for surgical planning, 3D models are finding application in an increasing number of hospitals. Just last week surgeons at American Family Children’s Hospital announced that they are collaborating […]

Phoenix Children’s Hospital translates cancer treatments using 3D printing

Technology’s greatest accolade is perhaps its ability to facilitate connections between people in pursuit of a common goal. When applied to medicine, the implications become particularly pertinent, especially considering the treatment of fatal and almost universally felt diseases like cancer. Digital imaging and 3D printing platforms have been developed with the expressed purpose of creating […]

Kinderherz Modell hilft bei Operation (Update)

Das Phoenix Children´s Hospital in Arizona, druckt farbige Modelle von Kinderherzen, um sich besser auf Operationen vorbereiten zu können. 07.03.2013 – Mithilfe der 3D-Daten eines CT-Scanners, drucken die Wissenschafter farbige Modelle auf einem ZPrinter 650. Binnen 3 Stunden können so kleine, detailgenaue Modelle der Organe erstellt werden, anhand dessen sich die Ärzte bereits vor der […]

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