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AML Technologies wire arc additive manufacturing facility awarded maritime certification

Large-scale metal 3D printing bureau AML Technologies, headquartered in Tranmere, Australia, has become the first company to receive additive manufacturing facility qualification from Lloyd’s Register (LR). The accreditation has been granted to AML’s facility that specializes in wire-arc additive manufacturing, a process gaining particular popularity in the maritime sector. Andy Sales, Managing Director at AML, comments: “Third-party inspection […]

INTERVIEW: Maritime 3D printing with RAMLAB and Semcorp Marine

3D printing for the maritime and energy industries is the focus of NAMIC’s 5th additive manufacturing summit later this month. Taking place in Singapore, the Maritime and Energy AM Summit is organized by the country’s National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Cluster (NAMIC), an organization focused on developing a collaborative and innovative ecosystem for additive manufacturing. At […]

3D-Hybrid verwandelt CNC-Maschinen in Metall-3D-Drucker

3d hybrid 3d drucker cnc 300x157 - 3D-Hybrid verwandelt CNC-Maschinen in Metall-3D-Drucker

Das Unternehmen 3D-Hybrid Solutions aus Kalifornien hat Aufsätze entwickelt, mit denen sich herkömmliche CNC-Maschinen in 3D-Drucker umbauen lassen. 3D-Hybrid bietet gleich drei Module mit unterschiedlichen Technologien an: Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM), Laser Metal Deposition und Kaltgasspritzen. Mit diesen drei Verfahren lassen sich laut den Entwicklern die meisten Legierungen verarbeiten. Mit einem Preis ab $ […]

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3D-Hybrid releases metal 3D printing toolheads for any CNC

3D-Hybrid, a machine tool company based in California, has released a set of printheads that deliver metal additive manufacturing to existing CNC machines. According to the company, the range can be installed in “nearly any CNC machine,” turning it into a hybrid additive and subtractive manufacturing system. WAAM, LMD and Cold Spray 3D-Hybrid’s range of […]

STELIA Aerospace use WAAM build an airplane fuselage

In a challenging demonstration of  Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM), French aerostructure manufacturer STELIA Aerospace has made aluminum panels that can be used to build an airplane fuselage. The panels are the product of a project started by STELIA in 2014 in collaboration with  French engineering school Centrale Nantes, engineering consultancy firm CT Ingenierie, and […]

AML Technologies adapt WAAM 3D printing for supernova-made metal

Wire-arc additive manufacturing (WAAM) is a large-scale metal 3D printing process. According to figures from Cranfield University, a promoter and key developer of the technology, WAAM is used in over 60 projects around the world, together worth more than $4.8 million. To date, it has also succeed in making parts up to 10 meters in […]

Huisman’s 3D printed WAAM hook lifts 80,000 kg load

Huisman, a worldwide provider and manufacturer of heavy construction equipment headquartered in the Netherlands, has announced the the first successful load test of a 3D printed crane hook. For use in offshore lifting operations, the hook, which weighs approximately 1,000kg, was made using wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM) – a method that is increasingly finding application in […]

3D printing news Sliced WAAM, Siemens, KIT, Europac 3D

Sliced is 3D Printing Industry’s digest of all the latest additive manufacturing news features from around the world. Today’s edition includes award winners, business deals and cutting-edge research developments from both well-known and upcoming institutions and companies. Metal additive goes big in WAAM and ASME awards Committed to pushing methods of metal 3D printing beyond their […]

Cranfield opens £35m future aerospace facility with the power of WAAM

Cranfield University, located in Bedfordshire, UK, has just opened a £35 million Aerospace Integration Research Centre (AIRC) center to boost the UK’s growing flight design and engineering ecosystem. The facility features an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) laboratory; a virtual wind tunnel; a Fanuc robotic arm and more tools, including confirmed work by the university’s large-scale metal […]

In Kürze: Airbus druckt A350-Bauteile, Griffith University, Norsk Titanium & Spirit AeroSystems, AML Technologies

Airbus produziert Polymer-Bauteile für A350 XWB auf Stratasys 3D-Druckern Der europäische Flugzeughersteller Airbus wird Polymerbauteile für seinen A350 XWB über die Dienstleistungssparte Stratasys Direct Manufacturing in Serie auf 3D-Druckern fertigen lassen. Nichtstrukturelle Bauteile wie Halterungen sowie weitere, für die Systeminstallation verwendete Bauteile werden mittels FDM-Verfahren auf 3D-Produktionsdruckern hergestellt. Verwendet wird dabei das Material ULTEM™ 9085. Das […]

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