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Affordable 3D printed clear aligners company Candid Co. raises $15 million

Candid Co, a US based orthodontics company offering direct-to-consumer and affordable 3D printed clear aligners has raised $15 million in capital from series A funding. The company offers modelling kits for aligners, which customers then return and receive a treatment plan for. The new funding, with significant input from investors Greycroft, Bessemer, and, will be used […]

3D printing in education boosted with Wollongong and Maryland centres

Two universities are establishing new 3D printing facilities with the help of funding from significant public grants.  In Australia, the University of Wollongong (UOW) in New South Wales is to establish a 3D bio-printing facility following a AU$347,000 grant from the Australian Research Council. In the USA, the University of Maryland, College Park, has opened […]

3D printing helps complex heart surgery at University Hospital Mainz

Dr. Bernhard Dorweiler is Head of the Department of Vascular Surgery at University Hospital Mainz in Germany. In a number of cases at the University, Dr. Dorweiler and his team have been using 3D printed models to practice delicate surgeries, and ultimately save lives due to a better understanding of each specific condition. Recently, a […]

CARMAT sends pulses racing with AddUp 3D printing partnership

CARMAT, a French company dedicated to developing a fully artificial heart, has signed a partnership agreement with OEM AddUp, a joint 3D printing venture between Michelin Group and Fives. The aim of the partnership is to “strengthen the industrial development of the CARMAT heart” and to prepare the company for “large scale production” of its […]

TGA hopes to redefine custom made devices with 3D printing regulations

Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has opened a new consultation seeking advice on “Proposed regulatory changes related to personalised and 3D printed medical devices.” The call to action has been launched following a concern that current regulatory frameworks are ill-equipped to “mitigate risks to patients, and to meet requirements for health care providers and manufacturers.” By […]

TU Delft’s self folding tulip proves 4D printing’s potential in medicine

Professor Amir Zadpoor’s team at Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) believes that the self folding ability of 3D printed polymers could have potential for next generation medical devices. In a recent paper for the journal Materials Horizons, the team demonstrate the 3D printing’s ability to make flat nets that fold into an array of […]

$10 sensor chip and 3D printed holders help produce 3D ultrasound images

Scientists at Duke and Stanford Universities have developed a device that can register a set of 2D ultrasound images as a single 3D simulation. Central to the device, which was prototyped using 3D printing, is a location sensing microchip produced at the cost of $10. It was inspired by the direction tracking devices within the Nintendo […]

Stryker funds $9.29 million project for on demand bone cancer implants

Australia is rapidly growing as a nation with outstanding medical research expertise. In November 2016 the nation opened its first specialist biofabrication unit at the Herston Health Precinct in Brisbane, and projects at its leading institutions, including the University of Wollongong, are active in developing new paradigms in the world of 3D bioprinting. ‘Just in […]

BASF signs 3D bioprinting cosmetics deal with Poeitis

Since 2015, French biotechnology company Poeitis has been co-developing its 3D laser-assisted bioprinting technology to fabricate skin models. Now BASF, the largest chemicals producer in the world, will be helping Poeitis develop the technology for new services in the cosmetics industry. An end to animal testing By cracking down on animal cruelty laws, international governments […]

A world first, NHS combined bone graft and 3D printed implant surgery

A patient at Morriston Hospital in Wales has been the first in the world to receive a jaw reconstruction surgery combining traditional bone grafts and 3D printed Titanium implants. Debbie Hawkins, from Swansea, received the treatment funded by the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), following cancer treatment that excised a part of her jaw bone. […]