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McLaren Applied Technologies use 3D printed prototypes to design Project Invincible shield

McLaren Applied Technologies, a member of the McLaren Group best known for automotive production, has used a range of 3D technologies to develop a medical breastplate. Known as Project Invincible, the product borrows features from the McLaren Racing’s Formula racing cars to achieve three key aims, protecting the body from initial impact, transferring the load […]

€220k funding boost for German 3D printed cardiac stent research project

In 2015, coronary heart diseases killed 7.4 million people worldwide. Additive manufacturing technologies may now hold the key to drastically reducing this number, as the NewGen-Stent Research Project, dedicated to developing advanced heart stents receives €220 thousand of research funding from the Bavarian Research Foundation (Bayerische Forschungsstiftung). Using the non-profit’s funding, the NewGen-Stent project is working […]

POSTECH research team 3D bioprints novel treatment for Ischemic Disease

A research team at Korea’s Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH) has used 3D printing to develop bio-blood-vessels (BBV) from a bioink made of vascular tissue. The results of the work are published in a new study that shows how tissue engineering with 3D bioprinting can open, “new avenues for regenerating ischemic diseases, replacing […]

How 3D printing has changed dentistry, a billion dollar opportunity

Align Technology Inc., the company behind the Invisalign range of clear-aligner orthodontics, are on track for $1.5 billion in sales this year, according to a new article published by Forbes. Align has already earned $660 million in the first two quarters of the year, the majority of which comes from clear aligners, and rest from […]

The Future of 3D Printing by Lisa Elviri, CEO M3DATEK

This article in our thought leadership series examining the future of 3D printing looks at possibilities for bio-fabrication and skin tissue regeneration. Professor of analytical chemistry at the University of Parma, Lisa Elviri is founder and CEO at Srl. Since 2001 she has been a researcher at the University of Parma gaining a sound experience […]

How medical 3D printing is benefiting from Omegasonics ultrasonic cleaning

The use of 3D printers is expanding within and across many industries. Creative applications for 3D printing technology are being unveiled each and every day by firms in the manufacturing, architecture and defense sectors. The medical industry in particular is experiencing a kind of revolution in the way it has embraced the technology and put […]

Materialise custom 3D printed facial implants now available in the U.S.

Belgium-based Materialise has announced this its 3D printed titanium TRUMATCH® maxillofacial implants for jaw and facial reconstructions have been certified for distribution within the U.S. The implants are the first of their kind to be cleared for distribution in the one of the largest healthcare markets in the world, and are already available across Australia […]

3D printed tibia saves man’s leg from amputation in Brisbane

In an operation believed to be the first of its kind in the world Reuben Lichter, in Australia, has received a 3D printed shin bone to restore disintegrated bone in his right leg. The procedure was completed in a series of five operations at Brisbane’s Princess Alexandra Hospital (PAH). The replacement tibia was modeled by […]

Self-assembled 3D printers produce essential medical supplies in Gaza

In the Gaza strip, blockades, economic downturn, and persistent conflict have made medical equipment and resources scarce and unaffordable. NGOs have been left to help to help with medical care, with Medecins Sans Frontières reporting that it performed most of its burns treatment and surgical operations on children under 16. However, even bringing in medical […]

Could 3D scanners replace CT and MRI? Study demos in situ bone repair

In case studies all around the world, 3D printing is growing as an effective method of making patient-specific medical implants. Typically, these implants are made based on data gathered from CT/MRI scans and x-rays. However, CT/MRI/x-ray image data is not ideal for direct-import into CAD modeling software. A new report from researchers in Jiangsu Sheng, […]