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WATCH: MIT 3D printed inflatables illuminate Patrick Parrish Gallery

In the current Liquid to Air: Pneumatic Objects exhibit at Patrick Parrish Gallery, New York, 3D printed inflatables create a striking set of hanging lamps, wall lights, vases and household objects. Made by Swiss designer Christophe Guberan in collaboration with the Self-Assembly Lab at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), these products are a showcase of the group’s Rapid Liquid Printing technique that […]

MIT’s Self-Assembly Lab nutzt Rapid Liquid Printing (RLP) für 4D-Objekte

MITs Self Assembly Lab nutzt Rapid Liquid Printing RLP für 4D Objekte 300x215 - MIT's Self-Assembly Lab nutzt Rapid Liquid Printing (RLP) für 4D-Objekte

Das Self-Assembly Lab, eine Forschungseinrichtung des MIT, arbeitet mit einer neuen 3D-Druckmethode namens Rapid Liquid Printing (RLP). Durch diese Methode sieht das MIT nun eine neue Zukunft im Bereich des 4D-Drucks von pneumatischen Objekten. In der Welt der additiven Fertigung hat das Massachusetts Institute of Technology schon oft sein Können durch diverseste Innovationen unter Beweis [...]

Der Beitrag MIT’s Self-Assembly Lab nutzt Rapid Liquid Printing (RLP) für 4D-Objekte erschien zuerst auf – Das Magazin für 3D-Drucktechnologien.

BMW and MIT reveal Liquid 3D Printed Pneumatics for self-assembling car interiors

Skylar Tibbits, who coined the term 4D printing back in 2013, and his team at MIT’s Self-Assembly Lab have released the details of an ongoing collaboration with car manufacturer BMW. Named Liquid Printed Pneumatics, the project applies the Self-Assembly Lab’s “Rapid Liquid Printing” technique to the development of next generation car interiors, capable of taking […]

Self-forming structures made with 3D printing at Nervous System

The Nervous System studio was founded in 2007. Since then their exploration of generative design, often drawing on 3D printing technology, has made the work of founders Jessica Rosenkrantz and Jesse Louis-Rosenberg a regular appearance on this site. Projects from the Somerville, Massachusetts studio include the 4D printing Kinematics system and working with New Balance […]

How MIT’s ultimate origami algorithm is unlocking the potential of 3D printers

Two new pieces of research into 3D structures could have novel applications in 3D printing.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers Erik Demaine and Jason Ku …