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3D bioprinted skin beats manual samples in A*STAR pigment research

3D bioprinted skin often misses pigmentation. This is because researchers need a more reliable method of 3D printing with multiple types of cells. In a Masters thesis from University of Texas El Paso (UTEP), postgraduate Corinne Nicole Wittmann previously considered the possibility of 3D bioprinted pigmentation. In experiments with collagen, the 3D bioprinted samples showed […]

3D printed eel organs could make rechargeable batteries inside the body

Health monitors, pacemakers, mechanical prosthesis and internal drug dispensers all depend on power. The challenge is either making self-activating devices independent of electricity, or finding a way to implant a battery inside the body. In a project supported by the U.S. Air Force Office of Scientific Research and National Institutes of Health, electric eels have […]

Sliced 3D printing digest: GKN, Minecraft, Aleph Objects, i Light Marina Bay festival

Today’s 3D printing news in-brief features: GKN Plc, RUSAL, Minecraft, Aleph Objects, 3D Systems, Ai Build, regenHU, Voxeljet, Miam Factory chocolate, e-Nable, Mantis Vision, i Light Marina …