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U.S. DoE applies LENS additive manufacturing to discover better magnets

Researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy (DoE) Critical Materials Institute (CMI) are using metal additive manufacturing in the hunt for a new material with “exceptional magnetic properties.” Using Optomec’s Laser Engineered Net Shaping (LENS) process, the team is capable of sorting through innumerable cerium alloy compositions in search of a cheaper, more abundant alternative to rare-earth neodymium iron […]

SLAC perfect recipe for metal 3D printing under investigation by Lawrence Livermore and Dept. of Energy

From speaking to researchers in metal 3D printing, it’s clear that innovation is driven by perfection. No matter what the application, from large-scale airplane components to lightweight turbine blades, the goal is to 3D print a flawless piece of metalwork. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) in California, has been a key driver of such developments, […]

Ames Lab research 3D prints practical catalytic objects for chemical study

Adding to the potential of 3D printed objects, research at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Ames Laboratory has proved the ability to make objects with instilled catalytic potential. By adding this quality to the material, researchers can make devices that facilitate the study of chemical reactions, practical to the synthesis of new chemical products, sensing […]

3D printing news SLICED Carbon, DARPA, Hypercars and a new metal 3D printer

This edition of 3D printing news SLICED brings you information about a supersonic 3D printer, a new 3D printable material from Kai Parthy, software to improve additive manufacturing and much more. 3D printing events mix science and art The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia will host an exhibition seeking to answer the question, “if YOU had […]

A closer look at making metal powders for 3D printing at Iowa’s Ames Lab

The Ames Laboratory in Iowa has perfected a titanium powder suitable for use in additive manufacturing. The Ames Lab titanium metal powder has a smooth, regular …

Ames Laboratory und ORNL erhalten $ 5 Millionen zur Weiterentwicklung von Metallpulver für die additive Fertigung

Die amerikanischen Forschungseinrichtungen Ames Laboratory und Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) haben kürzlich $ 5 Millionen vom U.S. Energieministerium zugesprochen bekommen, um Pulver aus Metalllegierungen für die additive Fertigung zu entwickeln.  Die Verwendung von Metalllegierungen für den 3D-Druck hinkt derzeit aufgrund fehlender Materialien und Prozessentwicklung noch hinterher. Gerade aber in diesem Bereich liegt ein enormes Potential […]

Der Beitrag erschien bei unter der URL Ames Laboratory und ORNL erhalten $ 5 Millionen zur Weiterentwicklung von Metallpulver für die additive Fertigung


US Department of Energy Working to 3D Print Rare Earth Metals

(3D Printing Industry) The Critical Materials Institute (CMI) at the US Department of Energy’s Ames Laboratory is hoping to synthesize rare earth metals using 3D metal printing. Rare earth elements are finite and yet, today’s industry depends on them for some of our most essential technologies, such as those that involve x-rays, lasers and magnets. Optomec, an Albuquerque-based 3D metal printer manufacturer will use a LENS MR-7 to develop new metal alloys to replace rare-earth elements found in critical technologies, like clean energy systems. The Optomec machine divides its metal powder supply into four chambers, fed to the print head in such a way that the metals can be combined into an almost endless number of alloys.

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