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3D Printing news Sliced, Ripple, Verizon, HP and Hyundai

Today’s Sliced asks the following questions: What is Verizon doing to bring 3D printing to education? How can 3D printing help detect diseases? And what does the cryptocurrency have to do with 3D printing crowdfunding? Ripple funds 200 3Doodler projects Ripple, the company behind the cryptocurrency of the same name, recently donated a total of […]

3D printing news Sliced Xometry, OMNI3D, Harvard, Black Panther

How is 3D printing beating brain cancer? What happened to New Matter? A behind the scenes look at Black Panther and more of the latest 3D printing news from Harvard University, the Yas Marina Circuit, LUNAR, Carbon, Mimaki and Xometry. 3D printing applications from the awesome to the unusual GravityB 3D is a studio based in […]

3D printed engine part boosts CSU Hornet Racing car power up to 14,000 RPM

A college racing team has redesigned an engine part for its competitive car using Carbon DLS 3D printing technology and improved the engine’s performance by 43%. Hornet Racing from California State University (CSU), Sacramento redesigned the intake manifold for its Honda CBR600RR series, 4-cylinder engine and 3D printed it out of RPU 70 material, incorporating some custom […]

Incase to 3D print mobile phone cases with Carbon technology

Accessories company Incase and 3D printer manufacturer Carbon have announced a research and development partnership for mobile device protectors. While the 3D printing community has 3D printed mobile phone cases since the dawn of time (at least B.C ? – Before Carbon – Ed.) these cases are different and made with “never-before-used materials”. The notable thing […]

A toast to Carbon and the University of Adelaide redesigning small-batch winemaking

The speed and quality of Carbon’s trademark Digital Light Synthesis, is helping its CLIP 3D printer technology gain traction in applications for series production of end-user parts. In a project for the R&D branch of  multinational computer technology corporation Oracle, CLIP 3D printing was previously used to produce 10,000 parts for Oracle Labs servers. A new project from […]

Wie funktioniert Carbons Digital Light Synthesis 3D-Druckverfahren?

Carbon hat seine Digital Light Synthesis (DLS) Technologie erstmals im Rahmen seiner Zusammenarbeit mit Sportartikelhersteller adidas zum 3D-Druck des Futurecraft 4D Sportschuhs erwähnt. Welche Verfahren stecken aber genau hinter dieser Technologie? DLS kombiniert Carbons schnelles CLIP-Verfahren mit „programmierbaren“ Materialien, bei denen die chemischen Verbindungen nach dem 3D-Druck durch Hitze verändert werden kann. So lassen sich hochauflösende Teile mit technischen […]

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Futurecraft 4D: 3D-gedruckte Schuhe von adidas gehen in die Massenproduktion

Sportartikelhersteller adidas wird über eine Partnerschaft mit Carbon mehr als 100.000 Paare des neuen Futurecraft 4D mit 3D-gedruckter Zwischensohle bis Ende 2018 produzieren.  Mit dem neuen Sportschuh Futurecraft 4D schlägt adidas erstmals einen Schritt Richtung Massenproduktion 3D-gedruckter Schuhe ein. Über die Digital Light Synthesis (DLS) Technologie von Carbon, die auf dem schnellen CLIP 3D-Druckverfahren des Unternehmens sowie programmierbarer […]

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