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Make Some Noise For Larger Hardwood Materials

You’ll Love The Expanded Selection Of Maple, Oak And Walnut Just Added To The USA Catalog

When we introduced
hardwoods to the USA catalog back in
August 2018, we got great feedback. You loved them! Having the P1 size was a great
place to start for smaller products such as electronics
project boxes and jewelry, but not
having any larger dimensions was a bit of a bummer and cramped some of that
making style for grand designs.

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Make Sophisticated Laser Cut Parts

Introducing Matte White Acrylic To The NZ Catalog

Acrylic is the most popular material for laser cutting for a reason—make that several! It’s super versatile; you can design anything from electronics enclosures and robots to jewelry and wedding decorations. Plus, it’s affordable, so you can keep costs low and, if you’re creating a product to sell, this means a higher profit margin.

And while we love the sleek, shiny acrylic, there’s
something really special about matte acrylic,

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Is Laser Cutting Right For Your Electronics Project?

Why Five Engineers Chose Laser Cutting To Bring Their Bright Ideas To Life

Laser cutting is ideal for engineering projects because there’s no minimum quantity and it’s relatively inexpensive when compared to 3D printing and injection molding, for example. Additionally, electronics projects often require precision cuts for knobs and buttons, and laser cutting can deliver this kind of accuracy. And since the laser works off a digital file, you can achieve a level of consistency whether you’re making one or 1,000 parts.

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Selling Laser Cut Jewelry

A Behind-The-Scenes Look At How Four Jewelry Designers Find Inspiration And Go To Market

Authentic. Creative. Local. Today’s consumers are all about artisan products, goods that are typically made in small batches with craftsmanship and care. “Unlike mainstream and mass-produced products, artisan products represent unique, affordable luxuries made with mastery,” writes Lisa Goller in Artisan Sales Soar As Consumers Invest In Quality.

With sites such as Etsy leading the way, sales of artisan goods look to have continued growth.

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Wearable Tech: Superhero Power Plant

Get Ready For Comic Con With This Laser Cut Electronics Project

You don’t have to be billionaire genius Tony Stark to incorporate some wearable tech into your wardrobe for your next appearance at Comic Con, a Halloween party or anytime you need to stand in superhero pose to boost your confidence (hey boss, I need a raise!). Thanks to the folks over at Adafruit, this guide will show you how to make your own electronic glowing reactor with a cool pulsing effect.

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Skoobot Combines The Best Of 3D Printing With Laser Cutting

By Incorporating Laser Cutting, The Price For Motor Mounts Dropped From $10 To 22 Cents

You’ve heard that good things come in small
packages. Well, it’s true with Skoobot, a tiny robot for playing games,
exploring robotics and learning programming.

The brainchild of William (Bill) Weiler, Skoobot was created after he saw kids at an ADHD camp interact around a game of fighting spinning tops. “Older kids were involved and engaged with the younger ones,” Bill says.

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Introducing The New Neutrals: Ivory And Black Matboard + EVA Foam

The Latest Additions To The USA Catalog Harmonize Form And Function

“Ebony and ivory live together in perfect harmony.” While the Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder duet was talking about the piano keyboard and race relations, our choice of materials to debut this month in the USA catalog isn’t quite that deep. We just like the simplicity of an achromatic color palette. These neutral colors are universal, classic, strong and powerful—all attributes that help create successful products.

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Functional, Fantastic Foam

See What You Can Make With Polyurethane Foam, The Latest Addition To The NZ Catalog

Foam is foam, right? Whoa, cowboy. Not so fast. By definition, foam is a soft and flexible material used for packaging, insulation or acoustic applications. But there are different densities, thicknesses and amount of “squishiness” that can make one particular foam more desirable than another. We introduced EVA foam back in July 2018, and now Polyurethane Foam has just been added to the NZ materials catalog to give you even more options for your next laser cutter project.

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Name Badges, Naturally

ZQ Merino Designed Event Badges To Align With Their Values—While Making A Statement

When the New Zealand Merino Company launched ZQ
Merino in 2007, the bar was set high. As the world’s first ethical wool brand,
ZQ provides a marque of integrity for growers committed to the cessation of
mulesing, animal welfare, fiber quality, environmental sustainability and
social responsibility.

So when the company hosted ZQ Vanguard Wool, a week-long event that brought together many representatives of the company’s value chain and customers in one place to look at the future of the natural fiber industry and establish collaborations and alignments,

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