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Clocking New Business Opportunities

Antler And Pine Elevates Laser-Cut Design Through Its Dimensional Wall Art

When browsing Pintrest, Instagram or even the pages of magazine for home décor inspiration, what’s one thing that makes a space feel complete? Wall art. Whether it’s Picasso or Pier 1, displaying art on your walls defines spaces, complements furniture and showcases your personal style.

When Chris Hirsch and his wife moved into a new home in Auckland, New Zealand,

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Bringing People Together, One Keyboard At A Time

cKeys Not Only Builds Laser Cut Split Keyboards But Also Grows A Community Around Them

If you’re like most people, you spend a lot of time at a keyboard. From researching a term paper for school, submitting a proposal at work or searching eBay for a deal while binge watching Grey’s Anatomy, there are hours spent tapping away at the keys every day. And you probably don’t think about it much…until there’s a problem.

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From Plan, To Prototype, To Product

Etsy Seller Vic Tac Toe Turns Graphic Designs Into Tangible Sales Through Laser Cutting

After graduating with a degree in graphic design, Victoria Myrand naturally began work as graphic/web designer. But she was yearning for more creative challenges outside the designs she produced 9 to 5.

“I quickly discovered that I missed the creative freedom of developing my own lettering and illustrations,” she says. “I continued to draw my own artwork on the side until I decided I wanted to do something more.”

With a desire to not only create art that people would enjoy but also make an impact in some way,

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Bandito: Going From Prototype To Production

Apptivus LLC Fires Up Its Rubber Band Gun On Kickstarter

Three years ago, Apptivus LLC ran a successful Kickstarter campaign for a product designed and built with laser cut materials. Almost 1,000 units of a desktop trebuchet, the Pennypult, were sold. After the campaign concluded, the Apptivus folks told us they were “surprised and relieved” at how smoothly the production and fulfilment went. One of the major keys to their success? “Partnering with Ponoko.”

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Clear And Colorful Acrylic Puzzles

Play Like An Architect With A Waves Jigsaw Puzzle

We love getting behind our customer’s crowd funding projects. So when Benny Sachs and Eric Hoffman reached out to let us know they were taking their playful architecture puzzle to market, we were thrilled.

Moda, a new brand founded by architects Benny and Eric, makes puzzles without images. Laser cut from tinted acrylic sheets, the Waves Puzzle challenges players to explore the logic of the joints themselves.

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Electronics Enclosures That Are Functional Art

Dandelion Sound Transforms Vintage Suitcases Into Custom Boomboxes

Aleksey Bochkovsky says he’s always been a hands-on person with much appreciation for tangible art. Once you see the boomboxes he makes from vintage luggage at Dandelion Sound, you’ll understand why.

“Vintage wooden suitcases provide great esthetics and decent sound,” Aleksey explains. “I’ve seen other people make similar designs, but I take it further by creating functional art that is way more than sum of the parts.”

Most other vintage suitcase boomboxes simply have speakers directly installed into the case walls.

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Laser Cut Jewelry Maker Rockets Past Kickstarter Goal By 2,063% (And Counting)

SpaceTime Coordinates’ Latest Crowdfunding Campaign Reaches For The Stars With Mementos That Capture Precise Planetary Positions

Have you ever wondered what our solar system looked like the day you were born? Or graduated from high school or college? What about the day you got married or the birth of your first child?

Time travel back to 2014, and these were the questions Govy, a Tokyo-based award-winning French artist, had on her mind.

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Ponoko & Glowforge Team Up

Founders, CEOs, Engineers, Designers, Brands & Agencies Can Now Go From Idea To Product To Profit, Even Faster& At Less Cost Than Ever Before

We love to think we’re having a profound effect on people’s lives. We believe digital manufacturing is accelerating human progress by unleashing profitable creativity at an unparalleled rate of knots.

We’re thankful to all our customers for putting their trust in us, and we take great pride and joy at being a part of their journey as they create products to start,

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Bike Chain Clocks Spin Sweet Sales Success

Maker Needlessly Complex’s Exposed Gear Clocks Make Time Keeping Easy—And Oh So Fun

As a maker, how many times do you see something really cool and think, “I could totally make that myself…”? Happens all the time, right?

But how often do you actually make it? Ah, there’s the rub.

Like you, Henry Stafford has seen his share of interesting products to make, such as exposed gear bike chain clocks he often stumbles upon while surfing the web.

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Finding Empowerment Through Selling Etsy Jewelry

Maker Galactic Affair Represents People Who Want To Revolt Against Fast Fashion

Like many kids, Rachel Buske grew up playing video games and watching sci-fi movies, and she unleashed her creativity by making costumes out of staples and felt. Owning a small business certainly wasn’t on her young mind.

But after attending college and entering the workforce, something changed. She needed a new creative outlet. One that was inspired by the things she loved growing up.

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