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3D Printing News Sliced Microsoft, Siemens, Norsk Titanium, Renishaw

This is Sliced, the 3D printing news roundup with a finger on the pulse of all things new in additive business, applications, hardware, software, materials and medical breakthroughs. Today’s stories feature Spain’s 3D Printer Party, Microsoft, Siemens, AMUG, 3DZ, EOS, Nano Dimension, Norsk Titanium, SABIC, Rize, ACEO, Renishaw and many more. Read on to learn […]

Software simulation is transforming aerospace and commercial 3D printing with SOLIDWORKS and the MTC

Software simulation is a highly valuable tool that allows designers and engineers to troubleshoot problems before they arise. Applied to 3D printing, simulation can inform the overall design of an additively manufactured product. Coupled with analysis, such softwares can optimize parameters to help save both time and money in the process. In this article we […]

Help shape the future of additive manufacturing in the UK

At the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) in Coventry, Martin Dury, Learning Design Manager, and his team are working to address the manufacturing skills gap, encouraging UK businesses to be agile and adopt new technologies. Currently, Dury is mapping a number of Additive Manufacturing Competency Frameworks for all roles in AM. The frameworks are intended to define the skills, knowledge and […]

Autodesk opens multi million pound UK advanced manufacturing facility

Millions of pounds have been contributed to establish an Autodesk Advanced Manufacturing Facility (AMF) in the city of Birmingham in the UK. The AMF is Autodesk’s sixth technology center in the world, joining the likes of Australia’s Materials Lab, and the Pier 9 workshop in California. It is equipped with all the latest automated manufacturing technologies, […]

MTC calls for contributions to stem additive manufacturing skills shortage

The UK’s Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) is where 3D printing and traditional manufacturing converge. Established as an independent Research & Technology Organisation (RTO) in 2010, the centre is the product of a collaboration between Loughborough University, the University of Birmingham, the University of Nottingham and TWI. The centre’s privileged position in the market and well-cultivated contact […]

Sliced 3D printing news LEGO, PostProcess Technologies, DOBOT, Arcam

What gave Einstein so many bright ideas? How are 3D printed fakes entering the art world? Where can I get a 3D printed Tiny Rick? How many hours does it take to design a 3D printed dress? These questions and more from metal additive manufacturing to desktop 3D printing are answered in this edition of […]

UK Additive Manufacturing National Strategy 2018-25 published

AM UK, an independent, government-backed collaboration, has published a new Additive Manufacturing National Strategy. Over 44 pages a vision to bring together industry, academia, government and finance bodies and ensure the UK remains a leading high value manufacturing nation is set out.  With contributions from over 100 3D printing industry experts, the document provides substantial […]

ESA gründet Additive Manufacturing Benchmarking Centre

Die Europäische Weltraumorganisation ESA hat in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) in Großbritannien eine zentrale Einrichtung für Additive Fertigung in der Raumfahrt eingerichtet.   Das MTC in Coventry beherbergt auch das UK National Centre for Additive Manufacturing und wird nun das neue ESA Additive Manufacturing Benchmarking Centre (AMBC) verwalten. Die neue Einrichtung soll einen unkomplizierten […]

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