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S-Max Industrial Sand Casting 3D Printer by ExOne

S-Max  is a large volume sand casting 3D printer by ExOne used to additively manufacture molds needed for industrial metal casting. This machine does not print directly in metal but makes casts and cores to pour in molten metal by jet binding fine powder. It works similary to your desktop inkjet paper printer but it […]

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This 3D Printed Column Can Withstand an Earthquake

A California-based company claims it created a column that can withstand an earthquake without being damaged. The company, called Emerging Objects used 3D printing technology to create this pillar, and the structure is the essence of its strength. The pillar was 3D printed in different parts, and each part is hollow, therefore creating a high strength-to-weight ratio. Creating an […]

ESA Works on a 3D Printed Lunar Base

The European Space Agency (ESA) and London-bases architectural firm Foster + Partners are working on a way to 3D print a lunar base. For this project they will be using local soil – regolith - instead of plastics, in order to reduce the amount of brought materials and lower the overall costs. The idea is to create […]