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The best medical, dental and healthcare applications of 3D printing 2018

With the 2018 3D Printing Industry Awards only a few weeks away, we take a look at what our readers consider the best medical, dental and healthcare applications of 3D printing. Make your vote for these, or another application, on the voting form now. Digital dentistry, disruptive technology and functional materials Medical, dental and healthcare […]

The best 3D printing startups of 2018

3D printing startup of the year is proving to be a popular category in our 2018 3D Printing Industry Awards. In addition to the 10 3D printing startups shortlisted during the nomination process, our readers have used the wildcard option to vote for more than 70 additional enterprises. We’ve included the wildcard option to ensure […]

Prototype tremor suppression glove made with 3D printing

Researchers at Western University have developed a prototype tremor suppression glove, using 3D printing for its key components. Tremors are a range of involuntary movement disorders, affecting over 25% of the 6 million people suffering from Parkinson’s. Current treatments for the condition simply try to manage the tremors and include Ropinirole HCl, a drug that […]

Ambionics 3D printed prosthetic arm for infants enters clinical trials

Infant developmental research shows that children under the age of two are more likely to naturally accept the use of an external prosthetic limb than those who are older. The problem is, at this age, children grow so quickly that it becomes uneconomical to fit them with a synthetic arm or leg. Some devices can […]

Vater entwickelt „Do-It-Yourself“ Armprothese für zwei-jährigen Sohn

Ein Vater entwickelt eine maßgeschneiderte, 3D-gedruckte, hydraulische Armprothese für seinen zwei-jährigen Sohn Sol. Als Bens Ryans Sohn Sol im März 2015 geboren wird, führen Komplikationen zur Amputation seines linken Unterarmes. Um Hilfe in Form einer Armprothese zu erhalten, hätte der inzwischen zwei-jährige Sol vier Jahre auf die Anfertigung und Anbringung einer myoelektrischen Prothese vom NHS […]

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