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Is 3D printed bacteria the future of electronics?

Wearable tech is the name given to smart electronic devices that can be worn or implanted in the body. An enticing opportunity for innovative tech developers in sports, health, fashion and entertainment, 3D printing is revealing new possibilities for wearable tech such as electronic second skins, and smart fabrics. In the latest research from Massachusetts Institute […]

UCalgary takes 3D printing “From Colon to Colony”

Space is the ultimate test of survival. With few resources beyond Moon dust and regolith, astronauts must prepare all the necessary kit for month long expeditions ahead of time, and recycle as much waste as possible. One well known fact of recycling aboard the International Space Station (ISS) is that there is a system that […]

ETH Zürich 3D printable “Flink” creates proactive bacterial microfactories

Bacteria grows in water-based hydrogels in a similar wold to mold that appears on the top of a forgotten cup of coffee. However, with a more solid consistency than coffee, hydrogels provide microbes with a structure, allowing them to multiply into more complex, three-dimensional shapes. Though the organisms would typically be unwelcome at any breakfast […]

Researchers turn Yellowstone methane into 3D printer material

Though methane only constitutes around 0.00017% of the Earth’s atmosphere, the gas is responsible for 20% of the total radiative forcing created by greenhouse gases. Naturally generated by rice paddies, livestock and geysers, scientists are looking for other uses for methane and reduce its abundance in the atmosphere. A research project from Montana State University, the […]

Cicadas inspire drug-free antibacterial properties of 3D printed PEKK

Though an effective means of helping to heal broken bones, orthopaedic implants (as foreign matter) always run the risk of creating bacterial infections in the body. Antibiotics are the usual defence in such situations, but what if medical devices could resist bacterial build-up simply because of the way they are made? Inspired by the naturally repellent […]

Astronauts may depend upon recycled urine filament for 3D printing in space

“If astronauts are going to make journeys that span several years, we’ll need to find a way to reuse and recycle everything they bring with them,” says Mark A. Blenner, assistant professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering at Clemson University, South Carolina. To this end, the Blenner Research Group is looking into the potential uses […]

Autodesk, Adidas and the IAAC to judge Fab Lab made RESHAPE 17 Programmable Skins competition

RESHAPE 17 is a digital fabrication competition, this year focusing on the microscopic structure of materials to make wearable tech. Facilitated by processes like 3D printing, the RESHAPE 17 …

3D printed running suit keeps athletes cool with programmed smart bacteria

A collaboration between the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the National University of Singapore and New Balance Athletics has developed a self-cooling running suit and shoes with the …