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Chinese scientists conduct ceramic 3D printing tests for off-world construction

Scientists at the Technology and Engineering Center for Space Utilization of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) have successfully completed an experiment to 3D print ceramic parts containing lunar dust under microgravity. Using Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology on board the Airbus ZERO-G parabolic flight aircraft run by Novespace of Switzerland. The 3D printing experiment further explores […]

Dr Tobias Schaedler of HRL labs tells 3DPrintingIndustry how additive manufacturing really is rocket science

In January 2016, Malibu, California-based HRL Laboratories announced that they had developed a new method of 3D printing polymer-derived ceramics into complex shapes. This involves a pre-ceramic Silicon Oxycarbide (like Silicon Carbide but with some residual Oxygen) resin cured to resemble a polymer. The resin is suitable for 3D printing via stereolithography (SLA). During this […]