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Summing up Additive Manufacturing in 2018

There is no unifying metric for quantifying growth, or technological progress, in additive manufacturing. The best alternative is to look at trends and data to give us insights into the near future. In 2018, there were numerous announcements across materials, hardware, and design software for additive manufacturing. Collectively, some major themes are apparent from the […]

Stratasys continues downward trend, US aerospace and automotive orders slowing

Headline revenue for Q1 2018 at Stratasys (NASDAQ: SSYS) fell by 6% to $153.8 million versus $163.2 million for the comparative period in 2017. On today’s call with investors and analysts, CEO Ilan Levin faced a series of challenging questions. “We are disappointed with our revenue for the first quarter, which is primarily attributed to […]

RAPID+TCT 2018 in Review: Industry innovation in materials and processes

The 2018 RAPID+TCT Conference has come and gone as another strong demonstration of the growth present in the 3D printing industry. This year’s event in Fort Worth, Texas showcased more than 300 exhibitors and 150 technical talks to thousands of attendees. With industry-wide growth estimated between 21% and 25% annually, the $10 billion dollar mark […]

AON3D bringt AON-M2 3D-Drucker für Hochleistungskunststoffe auf den Markt

Aon m2 3d drucker 3d printer 300x300 - AON3D bringt AON-M2 3D-Drucker für Hochleistungskunststoffe auf den Markt

Mit dem neuen AON-M2 2D-Drucker präsentiert der kanadische Hersteller AON3D einen FFF-Drucker für Hochleistungskunststoffe mit großem Bauraum. Mit dem Gerät lassen sich hochfeste Teile aus Materialien wie PEEK oder Ultem herstellen. Der AON-M2 ist der Nachfolger des AON-M, den das Unternehmen vor rund einem Jahr auf den Markt gebracht hat. In einem Bauraum von 454 x […]

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AON-M2 high temp 3D printer launch: technical specifications and pricing

Industrial 3D printer manufacturer AON3D has released the AON-M2 3D printer. A next generation of the successful AON-M system, the AON-M2 is a large format, high temperature 3D printer made to produce engineering grade end-use parts for automotive, aerospace and healthcare industries. Positioned well as a middle market alternative to Stratasys 3D printers, the AON-M2 […]

Trends in Additive Manufacturing for end-use production with AON3D

3D Printing Industry is taking an in depth look at how additive manufacturing is moving to production. Over the coming weeks the results of interviews with industry leading practitioners will be published. This article is part of a series examining Trends in Additive Manufacturing for End-Use Production. Randeep Singh is co-founder of AON3D. Based in […]

TCT Show 2017 – new 3D printers and upcoming launches

3D Printing Industry has been at the 2017 TCT Show in Birmingham all week. Here are some of new 3D printers and the latest technology we’ve seen at the UK’s largest 3D printing trade show. New printers on display included the XYZ full color da Vinci. The 3D printer uses a combination of inkjet and […]

AON-M 3D-Drucker von AON3D verarbeitet Hochleistungskunststoffe wie PEEK und ULTEM

Mit dem AON-M bietet das kanadische Unternehmen AON3D einen FFF-Drucker für industrielle Anwendungen, der auch Hochleistungskunststoffe wie PEEK und ULTEM verarbeiten kann. Das Gerät mit einem großen Bauraum von 454 x 454 x 640 mm verfügt über zwei separat ansteuerbare Druckköpfe mit einer maximalen Hotend-Temperatur von 450°C. Damit können neben den Standardfilamenten auch technische Materialien wie PEEK, Polycarbonat […]

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