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U.S. Army lab explores materials at nano-level using 3D atom probe for future military body armor

Material scientists from the U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL) at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, are analyzing metal and ceramic specimens at the atomic level using 3D imaging atom probe technology. This analysis aims to evaluate the effectiveness of materials used for body armor on future army soldiers. The work includes studying metal alloys that have […]

3D-gedruckte Simulatoren zur Verbesserung medizinischer Trainingsprogramme

3D gedruckte Simulatoren zur Verbesserung medizinischer Trainingsprogramme 2 300x120 - 3D-gedruckte Simulatoren zur Verbesserung medizinischer Trainingsprogramme

Dr. Lori Lioce, klinische Assistenz Professorin am College of Nursing an der Universität von Alabama in Huntsville (UAH), entwickelt in Kooperation mit 3D-Druck-Spezialisten neue Simulatoren, um medizinische Trainingsprogramme zu verbessern. Das wohl größte Problem bei medizinischen Ausbildungen ist die Frage, wie Studenten komplexe medizinische Fälle vermittelt werden können, ohne dabei echte Patienten hinzuziehen zu müssen. [...]

Der Beitrag 3D-gedruckte Simulatoren zur Verbesserung medizinischer Trainingsprogramme erschien zuerst auf – Das Magazin für 3D-Drucktechnologien.

NASA engineers test first multi-alloy 3D printed rocket part

Toward the development of its next generation space exploration vehicles, NASA has significantly ramped up efforts to incorporate 3D printing in component design. In July, the administration’s engineers performed 30 firing tests of a bi-metallic 3D printed rocket igniter at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama. After analysis at the University of Alabama, researchers found […]

3D Printing News Sliced: Airbus, adidas, Stratasys, Fallout 3

This edition of 3D printed news sliced features stories from: adidas, Fallout 3, KXIV, Stratasys, NIDEK Technologies, Cadac Group, MyMiniFactory, 3D Slash, artist Jip de Beer, 3D Orchard, Thor 3D, Dream T&S, …

3D Printing and Robotics Major Sources of Productivity Gains in Alabama

( — Major gains in productivity among Alabama manufacturers tie directly to increasing use of industrial technology, better workplace planning and other efficiency efforts. Manufacturing has contributed about 18 percent of the state’s total gross domestic product since 2004. And while it took 15 percent of Alabama’s workforce to do that in 2004, 13 percent… View Article

3D Printed Model Used to Study Pancreatic Cancer

(3D Printing Industry) At the University of Alabama’s 3D Printing Studio, the school’s science and engineering librarian, Dr. Vincent F. Scalfani, worked with researchers at the School of Pharmacy at University College in London to transform lab x-rays into digital 3D models. By converting x-ray crystallography information of the cancer-inducing G-quadruplex molecule (in addition to the drug targeting it into 3D digital models), the team hopes to 3D print representations of the molecules for research and education purposes. The 3D printed G-quadruplex DNA is already helping researchers and students increase their understanding of the cancer and how to treat it. In fact, it’s in the process of being used in preclinical trials for studying pancreatic cancer.

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